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by Khenpo Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche

   Windhorse is the power of strength.  It is feeling free from fear.  With windhorse energy, all things go without obstacle.  Those who have good windhorse have good fortune, good luck.  Sometimes when a Lama says you're wind energy is very low, it means you face obstacles.  Your mind is irritated, physically you are not so well, and generally things don't go well. You go here, run into an obstacle. You go there, and run into another obstacle.  Back and forth bouncing in the obstacles, back and forth.  This is called 'low windhorse.'

   To deal with that, sometimes a Lama will recommend that you raise prayer flags on the mountain and make special smoke offerings. The prayer flags have a lot of prayers, and those prayers are taken by the wind.  This harmonizes the whole environment.  Basically, this is conservation of the environment, respecting the environment.  That way, you balance your inner five elements and outer five elements.  When we destroy the outer five elements, it also destroys our elements because they are interdependently related, connected.  That's why we need to respect the elements; for our own benefit. 

   When you pollute the outside air, you still have to breathe in.  People have no wisdom.  They pollute the air, then they work on how to purify the air.  This is called: 'to free from suffering, you create suffering.'   In the first place, don't pollute the air.  Then there's no need to work so hard.  Actually, we are torturing ourselves.  First we pollute the air, then we just fight, quarrel.  The same thing is true with water.  When water naturally comes from mountain, it is so fresh and pure.  Just drink that.  But now water is so polluted, we need water purification.  That makes life busy, hard.

   We can raise wind energy mentally and physically.  Mentally, we raise windhorse through developing compassion, loving kindness and wisdom. This is more important than anything else.  When you have confidence in your mind and fearlessness, that is mental windhorse.  Physically, we raise windhorse by respecting the environment, and protecting the elements both outside and inside. So, with pure motivation, you raise wind energy.

   Basically, windhorse is related to karma.  The root is karma cause.  Whatever causes we create, we experience the result.

This teaching was excerpted from a commentary on the long-life practice of Amitayus given by Khenpo Rinpoche in June 1997 at the Peace Village.  Khenpo Rinpoche is an accomplished practitioner, scholar and Abbot in the Drikung Kagyu order, and an advisor to Sunray.


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