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Lineage Transmission
1. Vajradhara
2. Tilopa
3. Naropa
4. Marpa
5. Milarepa
6. Gampopa
7. Dusum Khyenpa
8. Drogön Rechen
9. Pomdrakpa
10.Karma Pakshi
11.Drubtob Urgyenpa
12.Rangjung Dorje
13.Gyalwa Jungtönpa
14.Rolpe Dorje
15.Kachö Wangpo
16.Dezhin Shegpa
17.Rinchen Zangpo 
18.Thongwa Donden
19.Paljor Döndrup
20.Chodrag Gyatsho
21.Sangye Nyenpa
22.Mikyo Dorje
23.Könchog Yenlag
24.Wangchuk Dorje
25.Chökyi Wangchuk
26.Choying Dorje
27.Yeshe Nyingpo
28.Yeshe Dorje
29.Chökyi Döndrub
30.Changchub Dorje
31.Chökyi Jungne
32.Dudul Dorje
33.Chödrub Gyamtso
34.Pema Nyinche
35.Thegchog Dorje
36.Lodrö Thaye
37.Khakhyab Dorje
38.Pema Wangchuk
39.Palden Khyentse
40.Rangjung Rigpe
41.Pema Dhonyö
42.Urgyen Trinley

Varanasi Shreda

H.H. The Dalai Lama
& Thrangu Rinpoche

AT TDSPJ ON THE 19TH & 20TH MAY, 2000 
Transcribed & edited by TDSPJ Translation Team

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Today we continue the Karma Kagyu Lineage Masters History and the first subject shall be concentrated on Dharma Lord Gampopa Dakpo Lharje. He is one of the two main disciples of Milarepa and both of them are like the moon (Rechungpa) and the sun (Gampopa). Basically there are 3 names that Gampopa is address, one being Gampopa, Dakpo and the other is Dhawei Shinu.
 The significance of Gampopa is derived from the Mountain where the Monastery is situated and Dakpo is the name of the area where he was born. There is also another name but not commonly use which is Dhawey Shinu which is derived from one of the previous live of Gampopa who had been a Bodhisattva and the follower of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha, the name Jangchub Sempa Dhawey Shinu is given by Lord Buddha himself. Therefore each name has a great significance and meaning to it.

Yesterday’s subject was mainly on Milarepa whom created great sins before arriving to the Dharma Path. He practiced with strict diligence and thus attained enlightenment. He was a great example and a human being who’d achieve the highest realization and was respected till today. The difference between Milarepa and Gampopa is the latter being an incarnation of the Great Bodhisattva Jangchub Sempa Dhawey Shinu of Mount Rajghiri or Vulture Peak. Nowadays in Rajghir is a dirty and poor town, but tin the olden days when the Buddha roam the area it was a prosperous large city and the Buddha also delivers his sermons there. In that city lived a merchant who is very rich and powerful who is named Dhawey Shinu. On one occasion during the Buddha’s visit, he hosted and prepared food for offering to the Buddha and his delegates. Soon after the meal, Dhawey Shinu requested the Buddha to give Dharma teachings. Thus the Buddha gave The Do Tenzin Gyalpo Teaching (The King of Samadhi Teaching).

Many followers attended the King of Samadhi Teaching, before the teaching conclusion the Buddha addressed the crowd. The Buddha prophesied that in future this King of Samadhi teaching and practice will be very beneficial to sentient beings and will lead many toward the liberation path. It emphasize mainly on the meditational practice. The Buddha then request someone from amongst the crowd to flourish, propagate and protect this teaching in the future. The merchant Dhawey Shinu accepted the responsibility to perform it in the future and propagate it to as many sentient beings as possible.

Then the Buddha called forth Dhawey Shinu and places his palm on Dhawey Shinu’s crown. He thus prophesized that Dhawey Shinu in future will take rebirth in a place near Bhramaputra River. You will be learned in medicine and thus will carry the name Dakpo Lharje (Doctor Dakpo), he will combined the Mahamudra and the King of Samadhi Teachings and propagate the Dharma far and wide.

Initially Gampopa was learned and specialized in the Kadampa Tradition. He contemplates the Loving Kindness and Compassion, and practice all different Yidam Deities and thus attained realization. Yet he is still no satisfy with his achievements and was thinking that there is still much to learn and practice in the Buddha-Dharma.

One day when he was meditating in his room, he overheard the talk of 3 beggars. The first beggar wish that he have a plate of food and wish to have it on a daily basis, the second beggar admonish the first beggar in his wish for only a plate of food, he should instead wish for more. The second beggars then says, if I wish then I would wish to become like a previous King of Tibet who is a warrior, wealthy and has many followers under his rule. Then the third beggar says that both of their wish isn’t a perfectly good wish after all. If he were to wish he would wish to become like Milarepa because he is like a King of Beggar who doesn’t need to worry, work or to wear clothes. All he does is meditate and has clear and peaceful mind free from the 3 poisons.

When Gampopa heard of the name Milarepa, he was overfilled with joy. He invited the three beggars to his home and offered them food to fulfill their wish. He then inquires the beggars about this Milarepa and from where he comes from and where he is staying. One of the beggars says that Milarepa is a great Yogi and is now residing at Ngari-Bhuntang, he teaches the Dharma in the form of songs and frequently meditates. He is claimed to be the Greatest Yogi in the Ngari area.

Gampopa the take off to search for Milarepa and soon found him, he receive all the teachings from Milarepa and starts to practice the teachings in strict retreat in a cave up the mountains. During the meditation practices, he on numerous occasion saw good signs of achievements and on certain occasion saw also bas signs. One day while sleeping Gampopa dream of the Mandala of the Yidam Deity he was practicing, thus he went to consult Milarepa on the dream he experienced. Milarepa then told that it wasn’t a good sign or neither a bad one, he then told Milarepa to continue his practice. Not long in the retreat he saw the hell realm and consulted Milarepa on this but was told that it wasn’t a good nor bad sign. Again he sent into his practice cave and for many years he continue to meditate.

One day Milarepa came and told him that he has to leave and go to the East direction to Tibet near the Nepal borders where you will encounter a mountain called Gampo Dharjere and looks like a King Mountain surrounded by 7 smaller ones that acts like minister to the King. The mountains itself is grown with all kinds of trees, grass and flowers very similar to a Mandala, this auspicious location will prosper in the near future. Milarepa prophesied that Gampopa should stay there and he will be able to benefit many sentient beings that will seek his teachings and instructions. Milarepa also presented Gampopa with a Hat that shapes like the Gampo mountain, this hat is also known nowadays as the Gampopa Hat normally seen worn by Vajra Masters during ceremony and rites.

Milarepa had a dream, he dreamt of a Vulture flying from his place in Ngari toward the direction of this mountain towards the east, this mountain is filled with Ducks yellow in color that envelopes the whole mountain. There he will have a lay disciple (Gampopa) who will flourish the Dharma there. Through this Dharmic action he received many disciples and amongst there are from the community of ordained monks as well as lay practitioners. In future his teaching will be flourish mainly by monks.

Gampopa soon arrive to the place specified by Milarepa, he saw that there is no one on the mountain or its vicinity. Gampopa then though, how come his master had sent him here to propagate the Dharma when there is no one around this place to receive his teachings. Gampopa then make a decision to go on a thirteen year’s retreat on those mountains. He build a small hut and started his retreat, in the evening he had a dream. ‘He dreamt of a Dakini (Female Form of a Celestial Beings) who came to visit and told that if he goes on retreat which is truly beneficial to oneself, but it would be better is he could propagate and flourish the Dharma for thirteen years.’ When Gampopa woke up in the morning, he though to himself remembering the dream he had last night, he was wondering to whom shall he teach as there is no one around to be seen.

Not long after the dream, one person came to Gampopa to seek his Dharma teachings and from there more and more came until one point it reaches 800 persons. All those who came for the teachings attained realization.

Gampopa mainly gave teachings on Mahamudra and 6 Yogas of Naropa to his disciples. From these disciples in turn flourish the teachings after attaining the highest realizations and at this point came many different sub lineage of the Kagyu Tradition. There are 4 Major Direct and 8 Minor Kagyu Lineage that sprung and many survived till today. One of Gampopa’s outstanding main disciple namely Khampa Özer who originates from the (Khampa) Kham Province and has (Özer ) Grey Hair, he is also known as The First Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa. Gampopa instructed him to go towards the East of Tibet near the Tibet-China borders (today known as Minyak) to meditate in retreat center on a mountain surrounded by other mountains with snowy caps. He should also meditate at a specific mountain in the surrounding in which Gampopa prophesied that The Karmapa would benefit many sentient beings in Tibet especially those in the province of Ü, Kham and Tsang in future (lives).
From the First Karmapa, follows a series of reincarnations and also the accomplished disciples of the Karmapas too had taken rebirths after rebirths in order to continue the Karma Kagyu Lineage Order.That is how the Oral Transmission Lineage is protected from being faded away, this unique master-disciple transmission is being practiced till date which we all know from the Lineage Transmission Chart and Thanka.
The second reincarnation (The Second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi) was found not long after the Pari-Nibanna of the First Karmapa. And the first close disciple of Karma Pakshi was namely Drögon Repa Chenpo who later was also the first reincarnated disciple also known as the Second Tai Situ Rinpoche which was found and recognized by The Karmapa. In many a times the Tai Situ reincarnations has been the teacher of the succession of The Karmapas’ and vice versa. The first Gyalsab Rinpoche is the disciple of the Sixth Karmapa and was The Seventh Karmapa’s teacher, from there on the succession of reincarnations of the Gyalsab Rinpoche has taken rebirths. There is also a meaning to the name Gyalsab that was translated as representative or regent in the absence of The Karmapa.

The Jamgon Kongtrul was at a later part of the succession history but was already predicted by The Fifth Karmapa. Jamgon Kongtrul is an ordinary person (not an incarnation of Buddha or Bodhisattva) but he was a very learned in the Dharma and a great scholar, he was a monk from the Dege Monastery. At that time the King of Dege had requested the Ninth Tai Situ Rinpoche (Pema Nyingje) to take The Outstanding Jamgon Kongtrul as his disciple. From there on follows a series of reincarnation of The Jamgon Kongtrul (presently until the Fourth in Pullahari Monastery, Nepal).

End with Dedication Prayer.........................................

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Dedicated to the impeccable perpetuation of the glorious Kagyu lineage
and to the success of its leaders and followers in accomplishing their commitment
to bring all sentient beings to the state of enlightened awareness.

May all mother sentient beings, boundless as the sky, have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May they be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May they never be separated from the happiness which is free from sorrow.
May they rest in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.

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