Peace and Kindness

The chapters of Peace and Kindness are taken from public talks and meditaiton teachings given in England by four Buddhist monks. These talks were chosen because each is concerned, in its own way, with the qualities of heart that promote peace and kindness,both within ourselves and for those around us.
Venerable Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Santacitto, Ajahn Anando and Ajahn Sucitto are monks (or Bhikkhus) in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, which is associated with the countries of South-East Asia. Although born in England or the United States, they all made their way to Thailand and eventually became bhikkhus. Initially, they lived and trained in the forest monasteris of that country.
Interest in Britain in the Buddha's teachings has subsequently led to the creation here of several monasteries of the Thai forest tradition. These include Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in West Sussex and Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Hertfordshire, where these talks and teachings were given. In 1990, as this book was being prepared, Venerable Ajahn Sumedho was the abbot of Amaravati, and Ajahn Sucitto was a senior monk there. Ajahn Anando was the abbot at Chithurst, and Ajahn Santacitto was the abbot of the Devon Vihara, a branch monastery.
Grateful acknowledgemnet is given to Celia Dines and Chris Milton, who transcribed and typed out the taped talks, and to Angie Tinkler, who then did much of the editiing of those transcripts.

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The Buddha's Words on Loving-Kindness

"This is what should be done, By one who is skilled in goodness, And who knows the path of peace: Let them be able and upright, Straight forward and gentle in speech.

Humble and not conceited, Contented and easily satisfied, Unburdened with duties and frugal in their ways.

Peaceful and calm, and wise and skilful, Not proud and demanding in nature. Let them not do the slightest thing That the wise would later reprove. Wishing: In gladness and in safety, May all beings be at ease.

Whatever living beings there may be; Whether they are weak or strong, omitting none, The great or the mighty, medium, short or small, The seen and the unseen, Those living near and far away, Those born and to be born May all beings be at ease.

Let none deceive another, Or despise any being in any state. Let none through ange ror ill-will Wish harm upon another.

Even as a mother protects with her life Her child, her only child, So with a boundless heart Should one cherish all living beings; Radiating kindness over the entire world: Spreading upwards to the skies, And downwards to the depths; Outwards and unbounded, Freed from hatred and ill-will.Whether standing or walking, seated or lying down Free from drowsiness, One should sustain this recollection.

This is said to be the sublime abiding.

By not holding to fixed views, The pure-hearted one, having clarity of vision, Being freed from all sense-desires, Is not born again into this world."



Ajahn Sucitto
------------------------Making Peace with Despair
Ajahn Sumedho
-------------------------------Reflections on Metta
Ajahn Anando
------------------Self-Forgiveness and Compassion
Ajahn Santacitto
--------------Awakening the Compassionate Heart
A Guided Meditation on Loving-Kindness