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Diamond Sangha
Sesshin Sutra Book

December 1991 version
Translations/revisions by Robert Aitken Roshi
of the Diamond Sangha Zen Buddhist Society,
Koko An, 2119 Kaloa Way, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96822

It is a very small, simple collection in comparison to some. We keep some sutras in the Sino-Japanese and even in the Pali, others we recite in a translated form. Some we do both ways. We leave out certain dharanis, hymns of praise whose literal meaning has been lost, and we add several sutra dedications.

The dedications are called eko in Sino-Japanese, literally "turning." They are the turning of any merit acquired by reciting the sutras back to our ancestral teachers, and back to the process of all beings enlightening themselves. The sutras are our gifts to the world, chanted in gratitude for the way of wisdom and compassion that is affirmed more deeply with each service.

- from Encouraging Words by Aitken Roshi



Before Teisho

After Teisho



Mealtime Chants

Sesshin Closing

During sesshin we do zazen. Literally just sitting - open to what comes. There is nothing else in the universe  . . .  just this breath-moment.

Sutra service is really another form of zazen. There is nothing else in the universe  . . .  just all our voices chanting.

Well, that's the ideal. Most of the time Bushy's too busy trying not to sound too churchy. Oh sweet saccharin harmony!

Notes and comments are lifted from the endnotes of the Empty Sky compilation of these Zen Buddhist texts and The Syllabus section of Encouraging Words by Robert Aitken Roshi

The ascii version of these texts can be acquired from the Electronic Buddhist Archives section of the Coombspapers Social Sciences Research Data Bank


Teaching names
of the Harada - Yasutani School
are always "cloud names."

Great Cloud
Harada Sogaku

White Cloud
Yasutani Ryoko

Lone Cloud
Yamada Zenshin

Morning Cloud
Aitken Robert

Dream Cloud
Alcalde Augusto

Healing Cloud
Ji'un ken
Tarrant John

Spreading Cloud
Hawk Pat

Lazily Floating Cloud
Kan'un ken
Duffy Jack

Cloud Clearer
Stone Sei'un An Roselyn


Lone Cloud
Maezumi Taizan

Crazy Cloud
Ikkyu Kyounshi Sojun


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