Examples - Position 4 and Position 6

Names used in these examples are not those of the actual participants.

1. Moving Away - Approaching

[picture of Knight of Cups] [picture of Page of Cups] Sophia was wondering whether or not to have a third child. She drew the Knight of Cups as Card 4 and the Page of Cups as Card 6. These two court cards show exactly what would occur in time if she were to get pregnant. Her emotional (Cups) focus on the older children (Knight) would recede somewhat as her attention turned toward the baby (Page). The Knight and Page take on a special meaning here due to the ages they suggest.

2. To Be Released - To be Embraced

[picture of 7 of Pentacles] [picture of 8 of Wands] In a reading about a possible career change, I drew the Seven of Pentacles as Card 4 and the Eight of Wands as Card 6. The Seven of Pentacles is a card of assessment - the need to take stock before a decision. Here it suggests that such questioning needs to end. The time for quick action and conclusion is at hand as shown by the Eight of Wands. This pair seems to be saying, "OK, you've thought long enough. Just go ahead and make your move, whatever it is."

3. Already Experienced - To Be Experienced

[picture of 5 of Wands] [picture of 4 of Cups] Jeff had quit his job and was now working part-time while looking for a new position. He drew the Five of Wands as Card 4 and immediately saw this card as a symbol of the petty fighting that was rampant at his old company. The antagonistic atmosphere there was one of the reasons he had left, but Jeff still had another hurdle to face. The Four of Cups as Card 6 suggests that he may need to go through a period of withdrawal and discontent before finding the job he is looking for.

Lesson 16

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