Position Pairs in the Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross is a powerful spread because it contains many natural pairings. Certain positions complement each other, so the cards that fall there relate in meaningful ways.

Position 1 and Position 2 - The Core Situation

The 1-2 Pair is at the very center of the Celtic Cross. These cards form an obvious pair because Card 2 sits right on top of Card 1, turned 90 degrees! The 1-2 pair symbolizes the heart of a situation. It shows two factors coming together, either on a collision course [example 1] or for mutual support [example 2]. Sometimes Card 1 shows the central issue and Card 2 what you must do about it. [example 3]

Position 3 and Position 5 - Levels of Consciousness

Cards 3 and 5 represent two levels of awareness. You can learn much about a situation by comparing your innermost knowledge with your conscious attitudes. You can find out:

Card 3 Card 5
real feelings expected feelings example 1
deeper truth surface appearances example 2
wisdom of higher self beliefs of ego-self example 3

Position 4 and Position 6 - Time

Cards 4 and 6 are mirror images. Time is the theme of these two cards. Card 4 the past, and Card 6, the near future. Together they form the two halves of the circle of time that surrounds the present (Card 1). These two cards can show something that is:

Card 4 Card 6
moving away approaching example 1
to be released to be embraced example 2
already experienced to be experienced example 3

Position 7 and Position 8 - Self and Other

We may experience ourselves as separate from an outside world, but we are linked to our environment by countless threads of cause and effect, emotion and thought. The 7-8 Pair can show us these connections. Card 7 represents you; Card 8, the other. Card 8 can stand for another person [example 1], a group [example 2], or the environment in general [example 3].

Position 5 and Position 10 - Possible Futures

Three cards refer to the future: Card 6 (near future), Card 10 (long-range future), and Card 5 (possible alternate future). The 5-10 pair lets you compare what you think will happen (5) with what is actually projected to happen (10), if all energies continue as they are. There are several possibilities:

Card 5 Matches? Card 10
positive vision does not match negative outcome example 1
negative vision does not match positive outcome example 2
vision matches/reinforces projected outcome example 3

When Card 5 reinforces Card 10, your beliefs are flowing with the thrust of events. If you react positively to both cards, you can stay the course. If you react negatively, you can change your beliefs to change the outcome.

Position 9 - Wild Card

Traditionally, Card 9 represents your "hopes and fears," but it can also be a guidance card. When you read the cards for yourself, you need a card that can help you put everything together. Card 9 can explain and integrate the other cards by showing:

The cards in a reading do not always form pairs. Looking for them is just one technique among many. The pairings in this lesson are only suggestions. Let your intuition guide you to combinations that are meaningful to you.

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