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having personal power
commanding attention and respect
directing those around you
holding the world in your hands
wielding influence
calling the shots
having authority
swaying others to your position
being able to achieve your goals

being bold
daring to do what you want
taking a risk
gambling events will go your way
confronting the situation head-on
taking the initiative
speaking your mind
facing fear directly
taking the bull by the horns
seizing the day

showing originality
doing what no one else has done
creating your own style
being a pioneer
taking a different approach
inventing something new
diverging from the crowd
marching to a different drummer

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REINFORCING CARDS: Some Possibilities


The Two of Wands glorifies individual courage and greatness. This card taps the same energy as the Magician, but with one important difference. The Magician represents the archetype of power - the impersonal energy of creativity and strength. The Two of Wands stands for that power brought down to Earth and made personal. Personal power is an invigorating force that fills you up and lends you the courage to be great. A powerful person is like a magnet that attracts all those within a certain area.

True power always comes from the Divine. It passes through us and then flows out into the world. When we understand this relationship, we are blessed because this flow brings with it a tremendous feeling of expansion and fulfillment. We feel as if we can accomplish anything. Problems develop when we forget that we are not the source of power, only its conduit. We must be careful not to let the intoxicating feelings that come with power overwhelm our good sense and blind us to our true desires and intentions.

In readings, the Two of Wands indicates that power is a major issue in the situation. You or someone else has it or wants it. When you see this card, look carefully at your goals and activities to make sure you are using power wisely. Don't support power for its own sake, but enjoy it when it serves your worthwhile purposes. Take this gift and use it to mold your environment in positive ways.

The Two of Wands can also stand for an extra dose of daring and inventiveness. When you see this card, trust that the time is right for the bold, creative move that will knock their socks off. Forget subtlety and old, tired approaches. Allow yourself free rein and you'll be amazed at the results.

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