Teresa of the Slums

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-- Mary Ellen Mark

LIFE Photo Essay
From the July 1980 issue of LIFE

At Mother Teresa's, where the care is so rudimentary, there is such kindness and hope that these people are somehow encouraged to be alive up until the very last moment.
--Mary Ellen Mark, 1980

I feel extraordinarily lucky to have witnessed a bit of her life. She had a presence of great strength, enormous focus and love. I don't think Mother Teresa even noticed me when I was there. She's not the kind of person who had an awareness of doing thing s for a photographer. She had a sole focus and a powerful mission in life. She created a community of women to care for the people she loved most, the poor and the sick. These people she cared for were just terribly ill but they adored her -- called her m other. She wanted them to get better, to go out and have their own lives.
--Mary Ellen Mark, September 5, 1997