Mother Teresa
In Prem Dan "nuns play games with patients," notes the photographer, "laugh, never punish them."
"No locked doors, except for those who are kept apart because they are totally helpless. Once a week a doctor comes to give electroshock to the very ill patients.

"One evening Sister Mary Anne picks up one of the sickest women to put her in bed. 'She is weak.' 'She is gone,' says another nun. The nun ties a band around the dead woman's head to shut her mouth. She powders her face. puts a white sheet and flowers around her. They carry the body into the dark, peaceful corridor.

"At 6 p.m. the patients are tucked in bed for the night. But in the closed-off room, the nuns spread a mat on the floor and cover the people with a big sheet. The naked women huddle cozily like sweet children. 'They are innocents,' says the novice. 'These people are much closer to God than we are.' "