Praise of Arya Tara
Palden Atisha

Homage to the Venerable Arya Tara!

1.     Gods and asuras with their crowns
           bow down to Your lotus feet;
        Liberator from all problems,
           [Mother] Tara - homage to You!

2.     On those Avici's fire torments,
           filling them with a blazing net,
        Your compassion rains down nectar -
          Tara, further homage to You!

3.     To those tired of clinging long,
          again and again, among the six
        Destinies, You grant the rest,
          supremely pleasant, of Great Bliss.

4.     Goddess who works the weal of others!
           Just to think of You dispels problems!
        You, endowed with love and compassion,
           liberate from samsara's bonds.

5.     Goddess who at all times is
           impartial towards sentient beings,
        On the whole crop of migrators
           You rain incessantly - homage to You!

6.     Like the sun and moon, dispeller
           of distress of darkness for
        All migrating sentient beings,
           Supreme Goddess - homage to You!

7.     On a lotus and moon seat
           Immaculate as an utpala,
        Your body blue-green coloured, graceful,
           You hold an utpala - homage to You!

8.     Three countless eons You've gather Merits and Wisdom,
           Cast off all the hindering obscurations,
        And with the four Means of Attraction attracted migrators,
           O compassionate Mother - homage to You!

9.     Bodily faults gone, You have the Marks and Signs;
           Faults of speech gone, like kalavinka's strains;
        Faults of mind gone, You know all knowable things.
           Blaze of fortune and glory - homage to You!

10.   Like the water-cleaning gem,
           Goddess, You forever clear
        The mud of sentient beings' mind
           and strive for their welfare - homage to You!

11.   Those who do retain Your name,
           praise You, and do practice You,
        Always do You make fruitful,
           Unforgetful One - homage to You!