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Messages from Lama Namgyal in France

August 17, 2004

Dear friends,

I am bringing very sad news.

This morning, our Teacher, Bokar Rinpoche, left his body. While doing his practice in his summer retreat in Mirik, he seemed that he felt a cardiac discomfort. On his way to the Siliguri hospital, he passed away. Rinpoche's body is now in Tukdam in Mirik monastery: Tukdam refers to the meditation state in which great practitioners dwell at the time of their death. Right now, pujas are being performed, led by Khenpo Dönyeu Rinpoche.

Gyaltsab Rinpoche is expected to arrive this afternoon.

Lama Tenpa Gyamtso recommends to practise the Guru Yoga, visualising Bokar Rinpoche as being Vajradhara. He asks you to specially focus on the meditation phase where one receives the four initiations. And he also recommends all practises, including Chenrezi and so forth. Lama Tenpa also suggests that, in such circumstances, practitioners meet and practise together, if possible.

When a great master, such as Bokar Rinpoche, passes away, it is a tremendous loss for the Dharma, the lineage and all beings. When a great Lama leaves his body, it is very important to practise the Guru Yoga to receive his blessing.

With our best wishes,

Lama Namgyal

August 18, 2004

Dear friends,

Following a phone call with Ngodrup and Lama Chökyi, herewith the latest news.

Gyaltsab Rinpoche, together with Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, arrived inMirik with some lamas and monks.

Bokar Rinpoche's body remains in Tukdam in the small Tara temple, and rituals are being performed in the old monastery temple.

When Rinpoche will depart from his samadhi, his Kundung (Body) will be transferred in one of the rooms in the new temple. Rituals will take place the next 49 days. At the time of his death, an enlightened being such as Bokar Rinpoche, who manifests for the sake of all beings, remains in the Dharmakaya and do not need the help of his disciples when he is going into the bardo. The ceremonies and prayers are performed so that the disciples can unite their minds with the enlightened mind of their Guru, that they can accumulate merit, and pray for the swift return of their Teacher.

Message from Khenpo Lodrö Dhonyo Rinpoche

Khenpo Lodrö Dhonyo Rinpoche would like practitioners connected with Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche to know that Rinpoche is in the Tara Shrine (his personal practice room) "in the state of Dharmakaya". Practitioners have the chance to connect with his awakened mind and at the same time to remind themselves of his great examples and instructions and apply them as best as one can.

Reminder from Lama Tenpa Gyamtso

Practise the Guru Yoga, and visualise Bokar Rinpoche being undifferentiated from Vajradhara. Meditate clearly on the four initiations' phase, when the Guru melts into light and is absorbed into yourselves. Practise the meditation of Chenrezi.

Practitioners who have a connection with Bokar Rinoche and who have received his teachings should recall his exemplary life, his compassion, and his teachings. They should remember and practise as well as they can the teachings they have received:

In their practice, they should mainly focus on the Guru Yoga and Chenrezi. Rituals will be performed the next 49 days. During these 49 days, it is very beneficial to practise the accumulation of merit through generosity and offerings. Those who are able to participate in the ceremonies can bring all kinds of offerings, whatever is convenient (candles, flowers, money, etc.).

In such circumstances, great offerings are given to the many masters and monasteries to accomplish these rituals. If you wish to make offerings, but cannot travel, you can give your contribution to those who will go to Mirik. The most important thing is to apply the teachings you have received and not to act in an ordinary manner. Especially, those who have received Bokar Rinpoche's instructions during the seminaries of the past 12 years know the teachings and practices and must apply them. For the time being, the best way is to practice, keeping in mind, as did the great masters in the past, that practice is the most sublime offering.

Ngodrup sends his very best wishes to all of you.

We will forward all information we will receive.

Your brother in the Dharma,