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Prayer for the Swift Return of Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche

by His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche

August 18, 2004


Assemblies of the ocean of victorious ones, the three jewels and three roots,
From the depths of the realms free from obscuration, by the power of your unobstructed awareness,
And for the glory of the teachings and all beings, pray heed the wishes
Of this yogi's one-pointed, woeful supplication!

The heart-essence of the teachings is the tripitaka and the four classes of tantra.
The treasure-like ocean where all the streams of the profound transmissions convene
Is the lord Marpa's lineage of the profound oral instructions.
Hosts of yidams and dharma protectors of this and the glorious Shangpa Kagyu line, I beg your attention!

In the path of individual liberation, the first round of teachings by the supreme sage,
You are the principal luminary among the holders of the unequaled lineage of Gampopa.
Your ethical discipline is utterly pure like the fragrance from a grove of medicinal herbs.
Karma Ngedon Chokyi Lodro please swiftly return!

The heart essence of the higher turning of the wheel is bodhicitta,
What's realized is profound peace, free from elaborations;
in the noble path that subdues and pacifies,
Through your mindfulness and vigilance you have demonstrated the means of liberation.
Karma Ngedon Chokyi Lodro please swiftly return!

The transmissions' myriad and profound oral instructions are the essence of the final turning.
In these you were nurtured by Gyalwang Rangjung Rigpai Dorje,
The glorious Rangjung Kunkyab and others.
Karma Ngedon Chokyi Lodro please swiftly return!

To the embodiment of the enlightened activity of the victors of the three times,
Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje Tsal and to hosts of other eminent masters,
You are the treasure of the oral instructions and explanations of the lineage.
Karma Ngedon Chokyi Lodro please swiftly return!

Precious one who wields the victory banner of the accomplishment of
The teachings of the Victor, in general, and the precious practice lineages, in particular,
Supreme spiritual friend who nurtures his disciples as he would his only child,
May the unmistaken rebirth of your nirmanakaya swiftly return!

By the truth of the power of my pure samaya and genuine intent,
By force of the faith of your students who abide in all the reaches of this world,
By the power of the unfailing truth of the never changing dharmata,
For the benefit of the teachings and beings, may these wishes be perfectly fulfilled!

On August 17, 2004 upon hearing that the holder of the doctrine, the precious being, Bokar Rinpoche Karma Ngedon Chokyi Lodro's mind had suddenly passed into the dharmadhatu, my mind was moved by such an authentic being's activity, my heart was profoundly struck by the great affection he showed to me and by our sacred connection. On top of that at the urgent requesting of his close disciple Khenpo Lodro Donyod, this eight-verse aspiration was extemporaneously written by Kenting Tai Situpa for the swift return of the precious and genuine tulku, the holder of the teachings, the supreme emanation among men, the glorious protector of beings, the steward of the teachings of the Buddha, he who by the riches and glory of the nine authentic [qualities of the spiritual master] nurtures beings by [emulating] the vast enlightened deeds of the masters of the past.

Buddhas and bodhisattvas please grant your blessings that all the aims of this prayer be fulfilled just as they are wished!

Dharma protectors and the ocean of those bound by oath - perform your enlightened activity!