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The Wish-Fulfilling Tree

A Prayer for a Swift Return by His Eminence Gyaltsab Rinpoche

Om Soti

The glory of primordial, self-arisen, pristine, compassion
Continuously arises in all the spheres of existence and peace equaling space.
Embodiment of the five bodies of enlightenment, buddhas and bodhisattvas,
From the sphere of primordial awareness, grant the power and blessing of your consideration!

To I and others stricken with exhaustion from trudging the path of worldly existence,
By your great loving kindness you have sustained us with the amrita of the Dharma.
Only protector, guiding light of the teachings of the victors,
You have manifested the realized activity of entering the dharmadhatu.

Even though you have displayed this appearance and we perceive it,
Since you have attained the supreme, coemergent mahamudra,
And are endowed with the unceasing stream of compassion,
Supreme emanation, please swiftly return for the glory of the teaching and beings!

On the grounds of the bodhisattva levels of complete joy, without stain, and so forth,
You have firmly planted the roots of the perfect accomplishment of the [two] accumulations,
Thus the branches and leaves of your enlightened conduct have spread in all directions.
Oh wish-fulfilling tree, may your supreme emanation swiftly rise again!

Protector who illuminates the paths of learning and practice
Of the lords of accomplishment: the three forefathers,1
Kyungpo, Ngontok, and other vajra holders;
May the moon-like countenance of your emanation swiftly rise again!

By the power of the myriad hosts of the three roots, buddhas and bodhisattvas,
By the completely pure intent of this one-pointed prayer,
May all the fruits of these wishes and intentions
Be swiftly accomplished in a blaze of glory and auspiciousness!

Thus at this time, the torch of the teachings of the definitive meaning, the noble lama, Bokar Rinpoche, has displayed the activity of merging his form into the dharmadhatu. In this prayer, the twelfth Gyaltsabpa has prayed for the swift return of his nirmanakaya. May the intent of this one-pointed aspiration be fulfilled!

1The three forefathers are Marpa, Milarepa and Gampopa.