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The Exalted Spaciousness of Vajrasattva

- Verses - 


The Revelation of All Things As One:
The Root of All Experience
As one, completely free of attributes, 
the yogin is like the flight-path of a bird in the sky;
in the unstructured, unoriginated, matrix
how can there be any inflated projections?

The Identity of Samsara and Nirvana:
The Fallacy of Inner and Outer
Inner and outer are one, the inner the outer itself,
so there is no ulterior field to realize;
under the power of a mistaken dichotomy,
samadhi lacks ultimate sameness.

The Reality of Vajrasattva
Vajrasattva, vast exalted spaciousness,	
in the all-good expanse of existential space,
is the utterly pristine, dynamic process of liberation,
never begun, never-ending and conceiving nothing.

Complete and Perfect Dzokchen
Totally complete, nothing excluded,
unchanging, Dzokchen is simply present;
boundless, like space,
nothing is dependant upon anything else.

Immediate and Spontaneous Enlightenment
In the field of ordinary understanding lies pure pleasure,
which itself is the pristine purity of mundane existence;
through the concentration of finite light focused therein
the entire ten directions of space are illuminated.
These are the first five verses of the Dorje Sempa Namkhache Lung in the order given in the Dochu and translated accordingly to the Dochu commentary..

The Namkha Che is the realization of Garab Dorje who recited it when a child. It was given to Pagor Vairochana by Shri Singha in Oddiyana and was one of the first five translations of the Semde tantras made at Samye in Tibet. It is considered to be the root text of the Semde Series.