In short, avoid taking sides and being sectarian. By understanding that the many different ways of explaining the ocean-like Dharma are all for the purpose of taming one's own mind, please practise. Always keep your body, speech and mind in a tame, calm, relaxed and peaceful state. With mindfulness and understanding, please be careful.

King Krikri had a dream which signified that Buddhism in India would become a doctrine disputed by the eighteen schools of the Hinayana. And so it happened that gradually Buddhism declined in India. Even in the northern direction of Tibet, the seeds of sectarian disagreement were sown in the traditions of the Sakya, Gelug, Kagyud and Nyingma. Such sectarian disputes cause people to become agitated, disturbed and confused. They harm both this and future lives, creating negativities for oneself and others. There is not even the slightest meaning or essence in holding these sectarian views, so we must abandon all such attitudes in order to protect and preserve the Buddha's Dharma.

Since the Buddha has attained a state of fearlessness, no one has the power or ability to destroy his Dharma from the outside. But, just as small insects consume the stomach of a snowlion from the inside, destroying his health, in the same way, it was predicted in the Sutras that the Buddha's Dharma would be destroyed from within.

Remember this advice and keeping it in your mind, abandon whatever is contrary to it and adopt whatever is in accord with it.

Householders should make offerings to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and, with the intention of benefitting others, enthusiastically persevere in doing virtuous actions. In this way, the present life and all future lives will be happy, virtuous and auspicious.

I (Chokyi Lodro) am close to death now. I am old. All I can do is to have a good heart, with devotion for the Buddha's Dharma. I really do not have any power to benefit the Dharma or sentient beings. All I can do is to pray earnestly for the flourishing of the Dharma. May the sounds of the great drum of the Dharma's Sacred Writings spread from here to the top of the Universe. May all be auspicious!

This "Opening the Dharma" was written at the request of the Governor of Sikkim (Upa Sahib), by a Tibetan holding the name of Jamyang Khyentse's emanation (from Dzongsar), stupid Chokyi Lodro, who, with an extremely good heart, wrote uninterruptedly. May this virtue bring benefit to the Holy Dharma and to all those wandering in Samsara. Sarwa Mangalam.


To my Guru and Protector Manjushri, I pay homage.
The net of viewing self-identities has been slashed,
By the brilliant light of your Wisdom Sword,
Which penetrates the three realms.
To the great collection of all the Victorious Ones
Most excellent Wisdom,
To Protector Manjushri I prostrate.

CONTENT of Issue 2

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