Immeasurable Joy
If you love and have compassion for others, then joy comes naturally. A joyful attitude is a great source of inspiration for all sentient beings. To be kind, loving, and compassionate will cause us to feel joyful, and will help us progress in our practice. By regularly embodying these precious and special attitudes, you will certainly feel great joy. In this way, it is the opposite of regret.

Joy is also the opposite of jealousy. When you see a good situation, an excellent performance, or the signs of success in other sentient beings, you should feel joyful instead of jealous or uncomfortable.

Jealousy is a combination of anger and attachment: you become jealous when you are attaching to your own thoughts and feelings and holding anger toward another. If you unite these two -- attachment to self and anger toward the other -- jealousy occurs. It disturbs our mental peace and really makes a mess of the relationships between ourself and others. Understand this error and cultivate a good attitude. We must see all these aspects clearly and maintain a joyful attitude as we mature in the practice of love and compassion. If we have love and compassion for all beings and they are experiencing some kind of happiness or success, we will be able to share in their joy rather than become jealous. A joyful attitude will help us continue to practice the activities which will fully develop the bodhicitta attitude. Therefore, we should cultivate this feeling.

There are many different ways we can experience joy. We can feel happy because the opportunity to practice is something very special. Love and compassion may be cultivated infinitely, and we can grow in wisdom and initiate many good things this very moment. In this same way, we can feel joy for all other sentient beings in similar circumstances.