We already have the Four Immeasurables within the natural state of our mind, so practice is actually a matter of progressively clarifying and revealing them. To do this, we have to be purified of ego-clinging, grasping, and attachment to dualistic knowledge and experience. Such activities obscure our primordial nature and put severe limitations on these four precious powers.

As I have indicated many times, all beings already enjoy some degree of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. They are not qualities that we simply do not have or have never experienced. They are not beyond us in any way, like something we might discover out in space. The Buddha and Shantideva both explain that these four are naturally inherent in our being.

When practiced impartially and consistently, love, compassion, equanimity, and joy lead to buddhahood. even when first beginning their cultivation, you will start to awaken to the inconceivable qualities of the buddhamind. Everybody has the opportunity to grow in this this way and realize buddha nature. This wondrous truth is the supreme potential we have to develop.