1. Right Action, which refrains from taking life, from stealing, and from immoral behaviour in general.
2. Right Speech, which is free of lying, slander, harmful and useless speech.
3. Right Thought, which free of desire, ill-will and cruelty.
4. Right Living, which means that we make our living without killing or harming, and by just and honourable means.
5. Right Effort, which commits wholeheartedly to:
Avoid generating negative thoughts
Put an end to negative thoughts once they have arisen
Cultivate meritorious qualities and the conditions for Awakening
Maintain these meritorious qualities and the conditions for Awakening.
6. Right View, which engages the mind in:
contemplation of the body
contemplation of the feelings
contemplation of the mind
contemplation of the five obstacles:
sensual desire
ill-will or anger
physical or mental torpor and laziness
sceptical doubt
fear and worry, or mental excitement

6. Right Concentration, where the mind rests without distraction on a single object for as long as one wishes
7. Right Wisdom, which is the perfect understanding of the Four Noble Truths.

[beware of the wrong numbering above - sequence not transferred across divide - translator.]