Generosity, which is the intention to give with a pure motivation. There are four kinds of giving:
The gift of protection, protecting those who are afraid or who are in need;
The gift of material objects, goods, money;
The gift of Dharma, giving teachings, explaining points of practice;
The gift of Universal Love, wishing that beings may always have happiness, dedicating the merits of one's practice, of one's deeds, for the benefit of all beings.

Morality, avoiding unvirtuous acts, engaging in good activities by helping others.

Patience, which is the mind that is not disturbed by outer influences. One seeks to:
Avoid responding when insulted
Endure obstacles and suffering
Resolve to practice Dharma

[Joyous - ? - translator] Effort, which is the state of mind which takes pleasure in engaging in virtuous deeds. It counteracts three kinds of laziness:
putting something off till later
committing negative or useless deeds
insisting on our lack of capacity and allowing discouragement to arise.

It is also the effort we make to help others, which is always harder than just looking after ourselves.

Concentration. This is keeping one's mind in concentration on an object or virtuous goal for an unlimited period of time. Concentration gives rise to mental and physical suppleness. It takes two forms:
Worldly: mental calm, attainable by non-practitioners
Ultimate: concerned with Emptiness.

Wisdom. This is what enables the practitioner to engage in valid discrimination. There are various forms:
Ultimate, which is the realisation of Non-Self, of Emptiness
Conventional, which is wisdom in medicine, the arts, sciences etc.
Beneficial for others, knowledge of different characters, beings' motivations, etc.