Lama Tharchin Rinpoche Introduces
Lama Yeshe Wangmo
Honolulu, 1992

Dear Sangha,

I want to introduce Lama Yeshe Wangmo to all of my Dharma friends. She is a great practitioner and a wonderful teacher. Generally speaking, in our tradition, a teacher must have turned the first two wheels of learning and practice before turning the wheel of teaching. First, one must learn the doctrine of buddhadharma through education. Lama Wangmo has been a student of Kyapje Kalu Rinpoche for many years, and received a rigorous education in both doctrine and the Tibetan language, the present source of the Dharma. She served on Kalu Rinpoche's translation committee, translating the Shey Jya Kun Khyap Dzod (The Treasure of All-Pervasive Knowledge), an encyclopedic volume by Kongtrul Rinpoche. Not only does Lama Wangmo have a skillful command of the Tibetan language, she also has profound experience and understanding, the qualities which make genuine translation possible.

Lama Wangmo turned the second wheel of meditational experience through accomplishing Kalu Rinpoche's traditional three-year retreat under the superb guidance of Lama Norlha during his first three-year retreat on New York. Lama Wangmo and I have spent many years together. As soon as we met, our strong karmic connection through the Dharma was clear. Lama Wangmo says that our meeting was the result of many prayers to Kalu Rinpoche. I myself have seen that her education is very strong, her experience and practice so wonderful, and especially that her motivation is completely pure. Motivation is the essence of all great qualities. One may be a great scholar with lots of knowledge or even have much experience but without pure bodhicitta motivation there is no possibility of true benefit or connection with people. Lama Wangmo's qualities can be genuinely beneficial.

Of course, there are many reasons that I recommend Lama Wangmo to my friends. At this time, it is rare to find female lamas, especially ones who are teaching. This is a great opportunity for anyone to connect with her wisdom qualities, and for women to have such a role model of accomplishment in the Dharma. Similarly for my western students, Lama Wangmo can translate Dharma into both the language and culture of the West, opening up what might sometimes seem an obscure and confusing practice. In this way, all that Tibetan lamas themselves do not have, Lama Yeshe Wangmo is able to bring to you.

For several years, we have worked together to support Dharma activities in Hawaii. Our connection has grown stronger and during the Yeshe Tsogyal retreat on Oahu last February, I enthroned Lama Wangmo as Hawaii's resident lama giving her this new name. Since that time, I have been encouraging her to turn the third wheel of teaching in order to share her wonderful education and experience with all of our sangha. She has begun to do this by teaching in Hawaii and here at Pema Osel Ling. Everyone agrees that she's doing a remarkable job and people are completely satisfied.

Now I want to share this with all branch centers of Vajrayana Foundation, including those in Washington, Hawaii, New York, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. I have requested that she teach in all these places to make more firm our connection and practice, While I may only visit my sangha in these centers once a year, Lama Wangmo can also visit in order to benefit your practice with additional teachings. Along with other great lamas, she can help support my intention to spread the Dharma to all of my students who have faith and devotion. I am requesting that you receive Dharma teachings from her and continue well with your practice.

Please listen to my recommendation now and later you will realize the benefit of such a teacher. Lama Wangmo has generously agreed to my request to teach in all of the Vajrayana Foundation's root and branch centers. I wish that anyone who believes in and trusts me can be introduced to Lama Wangmo's teachings. We have this very good fortune now, so I hope that everybody can rejoice and be happy.

With love,

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

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