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It is the same with regard to why the entire universe exists, why it is happening. What is

the ultimate reason why the universe - the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the oceans, the mountains, the houses, all objects of enjoyment - why all these exist? The inner cause is the minds of those sentient beings who live in this universe, who experience these objects is the ultimate reason. This is why all these exist, why the universe itself exists.

And what is the inner cause? It is the intention that is sentient beings’ minds: karma.

The same is true of this physical body, which came from the physical cause of the combination of the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm. But there is a reason why the egg and the sperm came together. It is important to understand why they come together, what makes them come together, thus resulting in this body you have now. The common peoples understanding are the sexual contact, resulting in sperm and egg joining.

But the main cause is your own karma, your own mind. Your own karma, your own mind is the ultimate reason why. Since this rebirth is a good one with many opportunities to achieve happiness, then it came from good karma, your positive virtuous intention. The reason exists. So therefore, you now understand the reason why the egg and sperm cometogether and become the body. You can see that the reason exists prior to the result, prior to the egg and sperm coming together. The reason that exists prior to the result is the cause. Thus, you can see that your mind exists before your present body is formed in your mother’s womb. Therefore, there must be past lives, and if there are past lives, then there must also be future lives. Even when the body disintegrates, the mind continues always. Therefore there must be future lives.

There is a continuity of the physical body through time: the egg and sperm come from the physical bodies of the mother and father. Similarly, the mind, which is formless and colorless and shapeless, also has it own continuity that is of similar type, that is also formless, colorless, and shapeless. Thus, the formless mind, which took its place with the fertilized egg, came from its own previous continuity, the life before this one.

Therefore, you can see that there must be past lives.

The conclusion is that without enough good karma, without virtuous action, the cause, one will be unable to have good feng-shui, a good environment, location, habitation, and so on. Even good feng-shui depends on good karma. Also, one will even be unable to find a good feng-shui expert to help correct one’s own feng-shui in life. Therefore, success and happiness in this life and success, peace, and happiness beyond this life up to the perfect fully completed bliss and peace of full enlightenment all depend on creating good karma, collecting merit, practicing Dharma, and keeping your life attitude in pure, positive virtue.

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