c) The actual method of recalling death

This section has two parts: (1) meditating on the set of nine points relating to death, and (2) meditating on the nature of death.

The details of this instruction were not propagated in this very form by the early Kadampas; rather, they have been taken from the teachings of Je Tsongkapa. His teachings contain many extraordinary instructions relating to both the profound and extensive elements of the path. They include explanations of the underlying thought contained in Indian tantric scriptures, key points on how to draw out genuine spiritual experiences, and the proper order in which the various topics should be taught and practiced.

i) Meditating on the set of nine points relating to death

The nine points that make up this instruction consist of three root categories: (1) contemplating the certainty of death, (2) contemplating the uncertainty of the time of death, and (3) contemplating that, when we die, nothing except the dharma can benefit us. Each of these root categories is then further explained in terms of three supporting reasons.

Contemplating the certainty of death

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