Teaching by Lama Zasep Tulku Rinpoche
September 1998, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Also benefit of the cultivation of the bodhicitta, it says you accomplish whatever you wish. So this means you can accomplish whatever Dharma, Dharmic realization or spiritual realization, whatever you wish you can accomplish by the power of the bodhicitta. Because there will be no obstacles, no hindrances. And once you have bodhicitta realization, you can accomplish the highest tantric realizations, whatever levels of tantra. And then one can accomplish the power of realization, power of tantra.

Let's say if you have a bodhicitta realization, let's say then you say mantra of Medicine Buddha, healing mantra and if say the healing mantra, Medicine Buddha mantra: OM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE BEKANDZE RANDZA SAMUNGATE SOHA, you say that mantra and blow [Rinpoche blows] in the water. You give that water to sick animal or sick person. He or she drink this water, or wash that person's body, it is so powerful it will purify, it will heal. And hundred times more effective than saying mantra of Medicine Buddha without bodhicitta, without this mind of bodhicitta. Or you say the Medicine Buddha mantra and you blow [Rinpoche blows] on the food, on vegetable or fruit or vitamins, and you eat or you give it to somebody else, and that has so much nutrition, so much power, and very powerful. So whatever you wish, you can accomplish the realizations.

And also it says you are not bothered by harm and hindrances. And if you have realization of the bodhicitta, you don't have to worry about someone might harm you. And like it says because you will be protected by, like the powerful gods, like Brahma and Indra and so forth. Like Dharma Protectors, such as Mahakala and Kalidevi and so forth. There will be no harm. There will be no harm, there will be no evil things can happen to you. There will be no obstacles. There are powerful Dharma Protectors called Kurweras (??) and the Four Great Kings, and devas and devis. They will protect you.

And there was a story, one famous Kadampa, great Kadampa lama called Geshe Kalumpa. Geshe Kalumpa was meditating in a cave. And so one time this spirit, ghost, had thought. A thought entered to him, and this spirit was very jealous, because Geshe Kalumpa was wonderful geshe and he had disciples, he had followers. So these followers go up to his cave and worshiped and did the prostrations and delivered food, made offerings. And this spirit, ghost, was hungry and he was jealous, and he thought, "How come I don't get any food? Nobody cares. Nobody even paying attention to me. And this monk sitting in the cave, he gets all kinds of offerings, and people love him so much. And this is unfair!" And he was very jealous. So then this spirit decided to harm the geshe and went up to the cave. He thought he would do some harm, like a spell or a curse. Do something, make him sick, make him give up his Dharma practice. And so he went up. He went up and he saw that Geshe Kalumpa was meditating, and he was chanting certain kind of sutra, and he was reciting the mantra. And always he was saying, "May all sentient beings be happy. May all sentient beings be free from suffering and cause of suffering. I would like to practice Dharma for the sake of all sentient beings, for the sentient beings of the six realms. I wish animals, hungry ghosts, human beings, gods and demigods, all sentient beings become Buddha right in this moment." So he said, he chanted. And then all of a sudden this ghost thought, "I cannot harm him. I should not, I can't harm him. Because he's praying, actually he's praying for me! He's praying for all sentient beings. And how could I harm him, because he's praying for me. He's helping me, and he's helping all sentient beings. That's why people love him so much." So he was smart ghost, and he must have some karmic connection. He may have had some Dharma, some understanding of Dharma in a past life. Somehow his karma made him become ghost. And so that moment he changed his mind. And also that ghost benefited from, right away benefited from the prayer and the power of the bodhicitta of this great geshe, Geshe Kalumpa.

So also the bodhicitta is one of the two main important causes of enlightenment. There are two important causes, called the wisdom and method. So the bodhicitta is called the method, wisdom is the realization of shunyata. These two are like the wings, two wings of the bird. And it is not possible to become Buddha without these two wings, without the bodhicitta. And the bodhicitta is the source of all spiritual realizations, and the source of all enlightenment, source of all the enlightened qualities. So the bodhicitta is like the earth, like the Mother Earth. Earth is the source of all the good, all the goodness. Bodhicitta is like the field, the field, like the farm, like the field where we obtain all the good food, all the nutritious, good food and medicines and vitamins and so forth. This is the benefit of the meditation on bodhicitta. This is why bodhicitta practice is very important. 

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