by Jetsun Rinpoche Dragpa Gyaltsen

Prostrations to Manjushri!

I am caught by defilement and devoted to worldly dharma,
Enjoy talk and eagerly describe other's faults.
Don't realize my own faults and compete with inferiors,
Cease this behavior contradicting right means.

Diligently recall worldly dharma,
Strongly remember both day and night
To take refuge in the Triple Gem.
Carefully keep whatever Pratimoksha vows received.

To hold the lineage of Bodhisattvas,
Be extremely devoted to enlightenment mind.
Recite the Seven-fold Prayer and Three Heap Sutra
At the three times.

In the first and last parts of the night,
Do not sleep but diligently perform yogas.
When arising from meditation and between seesions,
Practice according to the sutras and commentaries.

Be diligent in keeping root and branch samaya.
Diligently make offerings to holy teachers.
Protect the minds of living beings without exception.

When waves of non-virtuous thought arise,
Strongly apply the antidote and remove them.
If you do not thus entreat yourself,
From whence will the entreaty come?

Even when strongly entreated thus,
Practice according to scriptures is extremely rare.
If I don't vow to undertake this behavior,
May my white deeds never bring result.

In applying this self entreaty to myself,
I apologize to my teachers for all mistakes.

These verses known as "Advice to Oneself" were written by Sakya Upasika
Dragpa Gyaltsen. (Sakya Kambum, Collected Works of Dragpa Gyaltsen,
volume Ta, page 308.)