Picture of Vajradhara, the Primordial Buddha and link to teaching on Vajradhara by Khempo Karthar Rinpoche

Glorious and Precious
Root Lama
7 Bowls of Offering
who sits on a lotus-moon seat on the crown of my head through your great kindness having taken me as your disciple

Grant Accomplishment of
Body, Speech and Mind
Auspicious Knot

Palden Tsa Way Lama Rinpoche
Dak Ki Chi Wor Pay May Den Shukla
Ka Drin Chen Po Go Nay Je Sung Te
Ku Sung Tu Chi Ngo Drup Tsol Du Sol.

Home Sweet Home,
A Nice Place to Go

Meaning of Prayer

Khempo Karthar Rinpoche gave a teaching on Vajradhara and if you'd like to read this, just click on the image of Vajradhara at the top of the page.