Prayer for the Long Life of the Fourteenth
Great Omniscient One, the Excellent Victorious One, called

By Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro

Om Svasti!

The bodies of great compassion and transcendental knowledge of all the Victorious Ones
Incorporated into one, who is as white as a snow-mountain,
The Emanation Body of Lokeshvara, the supreme Holy One;
May the master of sentient beings in the three realms be victorious!

Matchless and marvellous in the three worlds,
The Omniscient One, who is as exalted as an Udumvara flower,
The great crown-jewel of all beings and teachings on the earth,
We beseech Padmapani, the excellent Victorious One, to live long.

In the era of conflict, though you attained Buddhahood long ago
You uphold the beings with the limbs of your hands,
Your resolve and vow are as firm as a vajra,
We beseech the Great Lord on the Tenth Stage to live long.

All the knowledge of the gradual path of enlightenment,
Is merged inseparably with the three aspects,
The qualities of knowledge and compassion are inconceivable,
We beseech the Second Buddha of the northern land to live long.

You have no attachment and entanglement in exposition, debate or composition,
The eight great treasures of confidence are unbound,
You teach Dharma through the perfect individual awareness,
We beseech the Great One, Victorious in all directions, to live long.

The precious teachings of the Victorious Lobsang Dragpa,
Are disseminated in all directions through the wheels of exposition, practice and activites.
The brains of the devil-elephants, the evil opponents, are shattered,
We beseech the Fearless Lion of Speech to live long.

The gradual path of the Secret Mantra, Three Visions and Three Tantras,
Absorbed into four modes through the profound yoga of the four empowerments,
You have attained directly the transcendental knowledge of the four Kayas,
We beseech the Lord, the All Pervading Vajradhara, to live long.

Mahamudra, the actual mode of being of all entities,
Is the nonduality of profundity and luminosity,
The sun of the innately born transcendental knowledge dispels the darkness of Samsara and Nirvana,
We beseech the Great Lord of Yoga to live long.

The treasure of all the secret aspects of the ocean of Tantras,
The virtuous current of the four rivers of maturing and liberating,
Is drawn into the fields of fortunate disciples,
We beseech the Lord of the Holders of Secret to live long.

All the phenomena of Samsara and Nirvana appear as the play of independent origination.
Though they appear so, they are unborn and tranquil from the beginning,
This is the profound middle way, devoid of all conceptual elaborations,
We beseech the Lord of Nagas, skilful in teaching this, to live long.

Kalachakra, the non-differentiation of the external, internal and the rest,
Kulika Pundarika, who was erudite in demonstrating this perfectly,
Manifested himself as a virtuous friend in the Land of Tibet,
We beseech the Quintessence of the Primordial Buddha to live long.

All the phenomena of Samsara and Nirvana remain in the luminous sphere,
The great innate completion without decrease and increase,
You have reached the city of fruition through self-liberation and without effort,
We beseech the Primordial Lord, Samantabhadra to live long.

In short, the great chariots of the whole doctrine of the Buddha,
You are fearless in pulling them with your hands without confounding them,
The only refuge of all the beings and teachings,
We beseech the Lord Tenzin Gyatso to live long.

By the crown-jewels of all the great ones of the three worlds,
On the auspicious wheels of the lotuses of your feet,
Bowing down a hundred times with reverence and awe,
We beseech the Great Religious King to live long.

The Lord of Gods, who defeats the evil force of the demigods,
With the hundred-pointed vajra of strength, power and vigour,
The rocky mountains of perverted and faulty views are destroyed,
We beseech the Fearsome Shri Heruka to live long.

As long as the earth, Mount Meru, sun and moon remain,
The three secret aspects are changeless,
The celestial mansion of Potala which pleases the supreme Holy One,
We beseech you to remain secure and indestructible on the vajra throne.

By the blessings of the Three Supreme Long Life Deities,
And by the power of truth of the Gurus, Tutelary Deities, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
Whatever objectives we have prayed for,
May they be accomplished without any obstacles.

Thus bowing down with all the three doors, this was written by Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro,
the holder of the name of the reincarnation of Jamyang Khyentse, from the Eastern Region of
Dokham, while praying with great respect, at the residence of Samdrup Phodrang, South of Rasa
Tulnang Temple (Jokhang), in Lhasa, Central Tibet. Thereafter, this was offered to the Great
Omniscient One, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. May this cause him to live for an ocean of aeons.


English translation by Ven. Khenpo Migmar Tsering, Principal, Sakya College with Dr. Peter Della
Santina prepared in honour of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Sakya College, November 1992.