Prayer To Manjusri
(Jam.pal.yang), Tib

I solemnly prostrate to the Lama and the Protector Manjursri

whose knowledge, devoid of the clouds of the two obscurations,

is very pure and clear as the sun. He holds the book before his mind

so that all beings may see exactly all subtle meanings, for those person

imprisoned in the darkness of ignorance, confused and troubled in suffering.

From compassion for all, the one son expounds in sixty kinds of eloquent speech.

His thundering Dharma voice awakens all from sleepiness, releasing them from

the iron chains of passion. Holding the sword of wisdom, he clears away the

suffering and obscurations. From the first pure, after passing through the ten stages,

all become the body of the victorious son clearing away 112 kinds of mental obscurations.

To Manjusri I pay homage.

(repeat this prayer 3, 7, 21 or as many times as you are able)


(repeat the mantra as many rimes as you are able, then sit silently, and then pray as follows:)

By the rays of your kind, supreme knowledge, clear the darkened ignorance of my mind.

In order to understand the teachings and the commentaries as in traditional canon, I beseech

you to grant the luminousity of confident wisdom.