Samantabhadra's Aspiration to Noble Deeds

Verses 1 to 12 are suitable to recite when visiting shrines, doing prostrations, making
offerings, confessing negative karma, or rejoicing in the virtuous and meritorious deeds
of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and holy beings. It is also good to recite whenever you
visit stupas and temples or meet holy teachers.

Verse 12 may be used for brief chanting.

Verses 13 to 63 is a dedication done when you have performed some good deeds.

Verses 55 to 56 are dedicated verses that you can use at the end of any prayer.

Salutions to the ever-youthful Arya Manjushri!

1.   With clarity of body, speech, and mind,
       I bow without exception to all the lions among men
      Of the past, present, and future,
       In every world in all the ten directions.

2.    By the power of this Aspiration to Noble Deeds,
       I manifest bodies as numerous as all the atoms in all the lands,
       Aware in mind of the presence of numberless victorious Buddhas,
       And I prostrate to all of them.

3.    I conceive the entire realm of truth
       To be completely filled with enlightened ones.
       There are as many Buddhas as atoms present in each atom,
       Each Buddha surrounded by many Bodhisattvas.

4.    I honor all these blissful lords,
       Extolling the ocean of their inexhaustible perfections
       With an ocean of all melodies and sounds,
       And endless praise.

5.    I offer to those heroic Buddhas
       The best flowers, best garlands, best music,
       Best ointments, excellent canopies, finest lamps,
       And the best incense.

6.    I offer to those heroic Buddhas
       The finest robes and best fragrances
       And a variety of foods piled as high as Mount Meru,
       All perfectly arranged.

7.    By the power of my faith in noble deeds
       I prostrate and present
       Vast and unequaled offerings
       To each of the victorious Buddhas.

8.    I confess every type of wrong
       That I have done
       In thought, word, or deed,
       Under the influence of desire, anger, or ignorance.

9.    I rejoice in the meritorious deeds
       Of all the Buddhas of the ten directions,
       The Bodhisattvas, Pratyeka Buddhas, Arhats,
       Practitioners, and all sentient beings.

10.  I request all the enlightened protectors
       Who have attained the detachment of Buddhahood,
       And illumine the worlds of the ten directions
       To turn the peerless wheel of Dharma.

11.  With hands folded, I beseech
       Those who intend to manifest the final nirvana
       To remain for as many eons as there are atoms in all theBuddha lands,
       To gladden and benefit all living beings.

12.  May whatever little virtue I may have gained
       From prostrating, offering, confessing,
       Rejoicing, requesting, and beseeching,
       Be dedicated to attain perfect enlightenment.

13.  May I worship the Buddhas of the past, and those now present
       In the worlds of the ten directions.
       May those to come quickly fulfill their aspirations,
       And reach Buddhahood by traversing the stages of enlightenment.

14.  May all the worlds of the ten directions
       Become spacious, pure,
       And filled with victorious Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
       Who proceed to the royal tree of enlightenment.

15.  May all beings in the ten directions
       Always be happy and free of sickness.
       May their aspirations be in harmony with the dharma,
       And may they fulfill their hopes.

16.  May I perform all the deeds of enlightenment,
       And remember my lives in all states of existence.
       In all my lives, after death, migration, and rebirth,
       May I always renounce the world.

17.  May I follow all the victorious Buddhas,
       And completely perfect all noble deeds.
       Pure in the immaculate deeds of morality,
       May my conduct always be flawless and without lapses.

18.  May I teach the Dharma in every tongue,
       In whatever sounds are understood by living beings,
       In the language of the gods,
       Nagas, yakshas, spirits, and human beings.

19.  May I always diligently and patiently perform the perfections.
       May I never forget enlightenment mind,
       And completely remove
       Whatever negativities may obscure it.

20.  Freed from karma, defilements, and actions of demons,
       As unsoiled by the mire,
       So in every rebirth in the world, may I proceed unhindered,
       Like the sun and moon in the sky.

21.  Throughout all the lands in all the directions,
       May the sufferings of the lower realms be completely relieved.
       Establishing all beings in happiness,
       May I work for the benefit of all living beings.

22.  May I fully accomplish the deeds of enlightenment,
       Work in harmony with the deeds of all beings,
       Thoroughly demostrate noble deeds,
       And perform them through all future eons.

23.  May I always associate with those
       Whose deeds are similar to mine.
       May we act alike in thought, word, and deed,
       And may our aspirations be as one.

24.  May those friends who wish to help me,
       And thoroughly demostrate noble deeds,
       Always meet me again,
       And may I never disappoint them.

25.  May I always personally behold the victorious Buddhas,
       Those guardians surrounded by Bodhisattvas,
       And without tiring in all future eons,
       May I always present them magnificent offerings.

26.  May I always uphold the Buddhas' holy Dharma
       And illuminate the deeds of enlightenment.
       May I thoroughly train in noble deeds
       In the future eons.

27.  Through rebirth in all the states of existence,
       May I gather endless stores of merit and wisdom.
       May I become an inexhaustible treasure of
       All virtues of method, wisdom, concentration, and freedom.

28.  May I always behold as many lands
       As there are atoms present in each atom.
       In each land countless Buddhas sitting in the midst of their Bodhisattvas,
       And performing the deeds of enlightenment.

29.  In this way may I be able to perform everywhere,
       Even on every mote of dust,
       The deeds of oceans of Buddhas of the past, present, and future,
       In oceans of pure lands, and oceans of eons.

30.  May I always heed the pure speech of the victorious Buddhas,
       Which holds withtin each word the totality of the perfect Dharma,
       An ocean of words and languages
       Precisely suited to the needs of all beings.

31.  May I possess perfect intelligence
       So as to heed the endless melody of speech,
       When the victorious Buddhas of the past, present, and future
       Turn the wheels of Dharma.

32.  May I enter all the past, present, and future eons
       In a fraction of a second.
       May I enter all future eons
       In a single instant.

33.  May I behold all Lions among Men
       Of the past, present, and future in a single instant.
       May I always perform their activities
       Through the power of liberation from illusion.

34.  May I perceive upon a single atom the perfect design
       Of the pure realms of the past, present, and future.
       Thus may I enter into the realms
       Of the victorious Buddhas in all directions.

35.  May I always be in the presence of the future illuminators of the worlds,
       When they gradually reach the stages of Buddhahood,
       Turn the wheel of Dharma,
       And manifest the profound peace of nirvana.

36.  May I acquire the perfectly accomplished powers of enlightenment
       The power of miraculous swiftness,
       The power of the door to every spiritual path,
       The power to manifest all virtuous qualities.

37.  The power of all-pervasive love,
       The power of the merit of every virtue,
       The power of wisdom which transcends all attachment,
       And the powers of wisdom, method, and concentration.

38.  May the power of action be utterly purified,
       The power of defilements be utterly subdued,
       The power of demons be utterly destroyed,
       And the power of noble deeds be perfected.

39.  May the ocean of lands be completely purified,
       The ocean of beings completely liberated,
       The ocean of Dharma fully understood,
       And the ocean of wisdom fully attained.

40.  May the ocean of deeds be completely purified,
       The ocean of aspirations entirely accomplished,
       The ocean of Buddhas ceaselessly worshipped,
       And noble deeds tirelessly performed through oceans of eons.

41.  The victorious Buddhas of the past, present, and future
       Attained enlightened Buddhahood
       Through aspiration to the noble deeds of enlightenment.
       May I accomplish all of those deeds without exception.

42.  The eldest son of all the victorious Buddhas
       Is called Samantabhadra.
       I dedicate all of these merits
       That my deeds may be like those of that wise one.

43.  Just as that noble wise one dedicated
       His completely pure body, speech, mind,
       Deeds, and realms,
       Likewise, may I become equal to that.

44.  To perform every noble virtue,
       I will practice the aspiration of Manjushri.
       May I tirelessly accomplish all of his deeds
       In every future eon.

45.  May there be no limit to my activities.
       May there be no limit to my good qualities.
       Through persevering in limitless deeds,
       May I accomplish all miraculous deeds.

46.  The limit of living beings
       Is as the limit of open space.
       May the limit of my aspirations be equal
       To the limit of their activities and passions.

47.  Whoever offers to the victorious Buddhas
       All the realms of the ten directions adorned with jewels,
       And all the excellent joys of gods and men
       For as many eons as there are atoms in those realms, shall gain great merit.

48.  But whoever hears this greatest dedication prayer,
       Greatly aspires to perfect enlightenment,
       And even once generates faith,
       Shall gain even higher and holier merit.

49.  Whoever utters this Aspiration to Noble Deeds
       Will never again endure lower rebirth,
       Will abandon all evil friends,
       And soon behold the Buddha of boundless light.

50.  They will find that which is sought
       And live in happiness,
       Find joy also in this life,
       And soon become like Samantabhadra himself.

51.  Even though they may have, in ignorance,
       Committed the five irredeemable sins,
       They will soon be completely purified
       Through uttering this Aspiration to Noble Deeds.

52.  They will achieve perfect wisdom, a radiant countenance,
       Ethereal form, auspicious physical marks, and a noble birth.
       Profane and devilish beings will not trouble them,
       And they will be honored in the three realms.

53.  They will quickly reach the royal tree of enlightenment,
       Residing there to benefit all beings.
       As enlightened Buddhas, they will turn the wheel of Dharma,
       Taming the demonic hosts.

54.  Whoever knows, teaches, or recites
       This Aspiration to Noble Deeds
       Shall ultimately attain perfect Buddhahood.
       May none despair of complete enlightenment.

55.  In whatever way valiant Manjushri and Samantabhadra
       Know how to transfer merit,
       So do I dedicate all of my own virtues
       That I might train to be like them.

56.  Through this dedication, praised as supreme
       By the victorious Buddhas of the past, present, and future,
       I dedicate all of these roots of virtue
       To accomplishing noble deeds.

57.  At the moment of my death,
       All obscurations will be removed,
       I will behold the Buddha of boundless light,
       And go to the pure land of perfect bliss.

58.  In that blissful land,
       May I completely manifest all of these aspirations,
       And benefit all beings
       As long as the universe remains.

59.  Joyful there, in that blessed pure realm of the Buddhas,
       May I be reborn in the beautiful, perfect body of a lotus,
       And the Buddha Amitabha Himself
       Foretell my own enlightenment.

60.  May I thereafter accomplish countless benefits
       For living beings in all the ten directions
       By the power of perfect wisdom
       In its myriad incarnations.

61.  Through whatever small virtue I have gathered
       By uttering this Aspiration to Noble Deeds,
       May all virtuous aspirations of living beings
       Be accomplished in a single instant.

62.  Through the boundless merit gained by so dedicating
       This Aspiration to Noble Deeds,
       May the countless beings drowning in the torrent of suffering
       Reach the stage of Amitabha.

63.  May this greatest of dedication prayers
       Benefit countless living beings.
       May uttering this ornament of Samantabhadra
       Release all beings from the suffering of the lower realms.

Translated into English by Venerable Lama Kalsang Gyaltsen, Ane Kunga Chodron,
and John Golden, at Sakya Phuntsok Ling in Washington D.C. on the auspicious
occasion of the Tibetan New Year 1987.