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Air and the Intellect

Air symbolizes thought. Thought is a continually present force in our lives, as inescapable as the air we breathe. In order to think clearly, it is necessary to be calm and focused. Deep breathing is a common method in meditation because of its ability to induce peace. The manner in which we breathe is so influential over our mental state that the yogis of India have developed different styles of breathing to induce varying levels of energy and relaxation.

Humanity has found a use for air in many of our greatest inventions. Electricity was discovered following a lightning storm; for transport we use air to propel a sailboat and to keep a plane aloft. This ability to use something for a new purpose is one of the defining acts of intellectual genius.

In Jungian psychology, the element of air was transformed into the concept "Thinking". Air is linked to the suit of Swords in the tarot deck. In astrology, the signs that are influenced by air include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Those with a predominance of air signs have a tendency towards intellectual pursuits.





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