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Earth and the Physical

The element of earth is embodied in the physical substance of the mountains, the soil, and the life that springs from the soil. In mountains we see the stability and solidity of earth. Soil provides nourishment and vegetation sustains life.

Earth is the cradle of all the other elements. From the earth we draw the materials on which our society is based. Our food and shelter is reliant on the earth, as is our ability to carry water, to contain fire and to move with air. Our monetary system is a symbolic representation of gold and the material possessions we can buy. The cycles of earth are dependable and predictable, which allow us to live structured, ordered lives.

Earth creates and nurtures life, much like our bodies are able to do. The creativity of earth is very productive and useful. The materially creative are able to see the potential of an object and craft it according to their design. In doing this they use the five senses that allow us to experience the physical world.

"Sensing" is the Jungian term inspired by earth. Earthy personalities are found in the astrology signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The suit of Disks represents our experience of the material world in the tarot.





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