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Water and the Emotions

The fluidity of water describes our emotions. The turbulent sea has inspired many poets; water is, in fact, the element of the poet. The surface of the sea erupts into waves that can be gentle and slow or unpredictable and life-threatening. Deeper than the surface of the sea are quiet calm and a plethora of interesting, colourful life-forms.

Water represents the subconscious mind. Comparing the human mind to the sea, that world in the deep waters is our subconscious, filled with creatures we can only glimpse briefly. The imagery of the subconscious is likened to the imagery of the poet, with symbols holding deeper meanings that effect us on an emotional level.

The watery womb is nurturing and life-sustaining. Going "back into the womb" is a phrase that implies comfort and security. The womb also reflects the creative qualities of water. The watery individual is able to develop a creative project over time.

The water signs in astrology are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Jung used the concept of water as inspiration for his "Feelings" category of human psychology. In the tarot deck, this category is mirrored in the suit of Cups.





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