Transgression Of The Vows

There are four binding factors that must be present in transgressing a vow for it to be broken completely.


1. Not regarding what you have done as detrimental.

2. Not forsaking the wish to repeat such behavior.

3. Delighting and taking pleasure in what you have done.

4. Being shameless and inconsiderate, not caring about the consequences of your action for yourself and others.


All four factors must be present for sixteen of the eighteen root Bodhicitta vows to be broken completely. This is not the case in respect to holding distorted views and abandoning Bodhicitta. Merely to think in these ways constitutes a total breach of vows. If one breaks any root Bodhicitta vow, one must invoke the four opponent powers of declaring your previous non-virtuous actions in order to avoid experiencing their black karmic consequences. Then, you must retake the entire set of vows at an appropriate ceremony.