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First Precept
Second Precept
Third Precept
Fourth Precept
Fifth Precept

Basis for Building the Realm of Peace

These Five Precepts become the wonderful gates by which Eternal Love can manifest itself through us, helping us avoid creating suffering, fear and despair and bring into being joy, understanding, and peace into our world. By practicing these Precepts, we help manifest the Pure Land (Enlightened Reality) in our world and acknowledge our gratitude to Amida for her gift of Universal Life.

Essentially, practicing these Five Precepts is putting wisdom, love and compassion into action. They are a witness of our respect, compassion and love for all life, as we become active participants in building the Realm of Nirvana here on Earth.

For the sake of all beings, we should recite or read them regularly and practice them always. The following is a 21st Century version, adapted by the Vietnamese-born Thich Nhat Hanh.

Overcome anger with kindness, evil with goodness,
meanness with generosity and lying with truth.

--Lord Buddha