King Songtsen Gampo

Prayer to Chenrayzig, the Buddha of Compassion
By King Songtsen Gampo
Commentary and English translation by Lama Thubten Choedak

Chenrayzig leading devotee to Pure realms

Namo Lokishvaraya
O Mighty Ruler of the World, watch upon us with your Compassion
Reverend Lord, Treasure of Compassion, be our protector and refuge.
Most Exhalted Chenrayzig, I pray to you.
Chenrayzig, guide and liberate us from the great and boundless ocean of Samsara.

When we clouded by the darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding,
Chenrayzig, be torch to dispel it.
When we are inflamed with hatred like fire against enemies,
Chenrayzig, be a stream of water to pacify it.
When we caught up in attachment to our relatives as if in a whirlpool,
Chenrayzig, enable us to realize the nature of existence.

When we are tied by the knots of miserliness to wealth,
Chenrayzig, help us to develop generosity.
When this body is afflicted by the diseases of the four elements,
Chenrayzig, be the king of physicians.
When we are tormented by terror and fear at the moment of death,
Chenrayzig, encourage us by showing your face.

When we wander in the narrow abyss of the Bardo without a friend,
Chenrayzig, help us to recognize you as our friend.
When we have to go alone among many,
Chenrayzig, guide us to the Pure realms.
When we experience the sufferings in the Karmic Womb,
Chenrayzig, manifest the mansion of light to us.

When I possess the body of an ignorant child,
Chenrayzig, be my supreme guide and friend.
When praying and meditating upon our crown,
Chenrayzig, be our root master.
When relying upon you by meditating upon the lotus in our hearts,
Chenrayzig, be our supreme tutelary deity.

When we face external and internal obstacles and interruptions,
Chenrayzig, be our guide to overcome them.
When we suffer from hunger and thirst,
Chenrayzig, bestow on us whatever accomplishments we wish.
Death will inevitably occur as a result of birth,
Chenrayzig, foretell out future.

As we pray to you with distinct recitation of the Six-syllables,
Chenrayzig, look upon us continuously with your compassion.


(Repeat as many times as possible)

Chenrayzig, may we quickly attain the supreme Buddhahood through the merit of this prayer.


Prayers have always played an important role in religious traditions throughout history. In fact, it is wholehearted prayer that influences ones spiritual growth. However, most religious traditions present prayers to an external god for help. Buddhists do not believe in a god as the creator, but they strive to develop the inner potential that can be awakened through various skilful means. The historical Buddha is recognized as an ideal example of a being who obtained Enlightenment.

The Chenrayzig prayer is a form of meditation used to awaken ones mind from the darkness of ignorance which makes us selfish, ill-tempered and greedy. These are the negatives aspects of ones mind that cause all problems. The aim of the prayer is to cultivate universal love and compassion so that one can be awakened to recognize the true nature of ones mind. Prayer enables practitioners to transcend limitations through generating love and concern for other beings. This prayer was extracted from the collected works of Songtsen Gampo (? - 650 A.D.) who is believed to be an emanation of Chenrayzig, the Buddha of Compassion.

This was translated from Tibetan into English by Lama Thubten Choedak at the request of the Australian Tibetan Society.