The Mahakaruna
Water Sadhana
This sadhana is used to make a special type of holy water called the Mahakaruna Mantra Water. This mantra water can cure many diseases. This is a very special mantra water.
These are the materials you need to have :

                                        1. A glass or pitcher to put in water.
                                        2. Some joss sticks (it is optional)

All the mantras and praises that are to be recited are typed in regular font. All visaulizations are typed in italic.

The Mahakaruna Mantra Water Practice
Join your palms together and recite:

I prostrate and take refuge in the Three Precious Ones (recite once)
I prostrate and take refuge in Bodhisattva Kuan-Yin.

Visualize that the merits of reciting the Mahakaruna Mantra are used to aide the illnesses of all beings, not just for yourself.

-Recite the Pure Dharma Realm Mantra:

Om Ling (recite three times)

This mantra is used to take the dirty things in the glass of water (or pitcher) before you. You then visualize your heart emmitting a red ray of light that shines on the glass of water. All of the defilements in the water are removed.

-Recite the Six Syallable Mantra of Avalokitesvara:

Om Mani Padme Hung (recite it 21 times)

After reciting this mantra, visualize Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (look in the image gallery for a image of him) and your heart emmitting a white ray of light, and shining on the glass of water.)

*-Recite either the Great Compassionate Heart Dharani or the Short Great Compassionate Heart Dharani 21 times

-recite the Mahakaruna Heart Mantra 21 times:

Om Vajra dhar-shi

-recite the Verse of Dedication once:

May the powers of my practices,
Cure the illnesses of all sentient beings.
May the beings of the three realms,
All attain the liberation and enlightenment!

This is the end to this practice. Now, you have made Mahakaruna Mantra Water. Mantra Water is a water that has the power to cure illnesses because of the power of mantra recited to the water. You visualize rays of light bestowing power to the water. Then with the recitation of mantra, the mantra binds this power in the water.