Brief Explanation on Manjushri Puja

Manjushri Bodhisattva embodies wisdom aspect of an enlightened mind. This is the ability to see into the true nature of reality of the persons and the phenomena. He has the ability to discriminate correct views of reality as it is. In order to benefit sentient beings, he too, manifests in many different forms. One of them is a single faced Manjushri which symbolizing his wisdom as non-dual. He holds the flaming sword in his right hand to symbolize to cut off the root of delusion which is the cause of sufferings, ignorance and of self grasping. He holds the scriptural text entitled “Perfection of Wisdom” which cuts off all delusions. He is invoked especially for increasing the intelligence by reciting his mantra, :Om Ah Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih” many times.


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Puja Explanation

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