The founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha, provided instructions for systems of medicine that were collected into four volumes called The Four Medicine Tantras. These became the basis for the system of medicine practiced in Tibet, and is characterized by its belief that all disease is essentially psychosomatic, originating in the three poisonous attitudes of greed, hatred, and ignorance; until these attitudes are cured all other cures can at best only be temporary.

In those instructions, Shakyamuni described another Buddha, The Medicine Buddha, who has special powers of healing that can be obtained merely by reciting his name or mantra. For centuries Tibetans have been doing this to bring about both the ultimate cure to spiritual disease as well as cures for everyday problems of body and mind.

Land of Medicine Buddha has been dedicated by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the Spiritual Director of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, as a place of healing where the blessings of the Medicine Buddha may be experienced. The Medicine Buddha's name: Lord Master of Medicine Radiating Lapis Lazuli Light. In Sanskrit: Bhagavan Bhaishajyaguru Vaiduryaprabha

The Medicine Buddha's mantra:
Tadyatha om bhaishajye bhaishajye maha
bhaishajye bhaishajye raja samudgate svaha!

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