Om Tare..Tuttare Ture Svaha

Tara.. the wondrous female Buddha.

Tara, whose name means star, embodies the sacred feminine energy found in all of us. Viewed like a brilliant light shining in the darkness, Tara is the female compliment of Chenresig, the Buddha of Love and compassion. Tara is the all-encompassing, nurturing mother figure.


Oh Tara, holy liberator, swift acting mother, we
pray and invoke your blessings.
Please watch over us, protect us, and hold us in your
loving embrace.

Green Tara is often depicted with one leg out of the lotus position, extended down for a quick and decisive response when needed. Green Tara acts swiftly - like a lioness protecting her cubs.
They say in Tibet, that if you learn just one thing in Tibetan, it should be how to get her attention quickly by calling out..

'Tara Kye Kyenno'

In the dharma expanse of the unborn mother
She, holy Goddess, Tara resides
Bestowing well-being to all.
Invoke her protection from all fear

My mind is Dharmakaya, but I don't know it
So it comes into troubles;
And noxious philosophies deceive me
Great Mother, Goddess, I invoke your protection.

Dharma, hearfelt, isn't in me
So common worldly systems
And noxious philosophies deceive me
Great Mother, righteous Goddess, I invoke your protection.

t's hard to know my mind
When glimpsed, but not deepened
I get swept up by bad things
Great Mother, righteous Goddess, I invoke your protection

Self-arisen mind is non-dual wisdom
Yet habits of seizing onto duality
cause entrapment in whatever occurs
Goddess of undivided heart, I invoke your protection.

I've been in the actual state, but
didn't get the link between cause and effect
So I'm confused about the meaning of things
Great Mother, all-knowing Goddess, I invoke your protection.

The thought-free state is like the sky
All are inseparable from it
So now and forever, for the sake of disciples,
Great Mother, I invoke the protection of your complete realization.

O compassionate and venerable subduing goddess 
May the infinite beings, including myself, 
Soon purify the two obscurations and complete both collections 
So that we may gain full enlightenment. 
For all my lives, until I reach this stage, 
May I know the happiness of humans and gods. 
So that I may become fully omniscient, 
Please pacify quickly all obstacles, spirits, 
Obstructions, epidemics, diseases and so forth, 
The various causes of untimely death, 
Bad dreams and omens, the eight fears and other afflictions 
And make it so they no longer exist. 
May the mundane and supramundane collections 
Of all excellent and auspicious qualities and happiness 
Increase and develop and may all wishes 
Be fulfilled naturally and effortlessly, without an exception. 
May I strive to realize and increase the sacred Dharma 
Accomplishing your stage and beholding your sublime face. 
May my understanding of emptiness and the precious dedicated heart 
Increase like the moon waxing full. 
May I be reborn from an extremely beautiful and holy lotus 
In the joyous and noble mandala of the conqueror. 
May I attain whatever prophecy I receive 
In the presence of Amitabha, Buddha of infinite light. 
O deity, whom I have accomplished from previous lives 
The enlightening influence of the three-time Buddhas 
Blue-green, one face and two arms, the swift pacifier 
O mother, holding an utpala flower, may you be auspicious! 
Whatever your body, O Mother of Conquerors, 
Whatever your retinue, life span and pure land, 
May I and all others attain only these. 
By the force of these praises and requests made to you, 
May all disease, poverty, fighting and quarrels be calmed, 
May the precious Dharma and everything auspicious increase 
Throughout the world and directions where I and all others dwell.

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