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Then, again, an offering of the various aspects of the offering (the seven different types of offering, or the seven bowl offering) is made to Green Tara and the deities. Briefly, these offerings are:

1.  Argham (Chod yon) — Pure stream water gathered from the entire
     universe and offered to the three jewels (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha).
     This exceptionally pure water has eight qualities: crystal clarity, coolness,
     sweetness, lightness, softness, freedom from impurities, a soothing affect
     on the stomach, and the ability to make the throat clear and free of phlegm
     and obstruction.

2.  Padhyam (Shab sil) — Water especially dedicated to cleansing an object
     of refuge, such offering it to the Buddha for a bath.

3.  Pushpe (Me tog) — All of the offering flowers in the universe, including the
     utpala flower, medicinal flowers, fruits, and grains.

4.  Dhuppe (Dug po) — All of the finest incense in the universe.

5.  Aloke (Mar me) — All natural lights (the sun, the moon and all moons,
     stars, quasars, etc.) in the universe and all man-made lights (candles,
     lamps, spotlights, lasers, etc.), to dispel the darkness of the mind.

6.  Gendhe (Dri chab) — All pleasant fragrances, including perfumes that are
     pleasing to the smell and liquids that are pleasant to drink.

7.  Nivide (Shalse) — All nutritious and pleasing food, ethically produced,
     in the universe.

There are various aspects to the offering, there are different types of offering. There are the ordinary offerings of the seven types described above. There is also the offering of the Mandala.

The offering of the Mandala is where we offer the entire world, we offer everything, not just this earth, not just this planet, but the billions of worlds throughout the universe. We gather them together as an offering in which we hold nothing back and make the great Mandala offering.

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