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Once we have completed the seven repetitions of the 21 Taras, we recite the mantra:

At this point we're visualizing the fire of wisdom burning up, completely consuming, all negative things, all defilements, all obscurations. They are completely burned up in the fire of wisdom, and nothing is left of them. After that comes the Mantra that is the Mantra of the realization of emptiness, where all phenomena without exception are realized as being free of true existence, or inherent, existence, and the ultimate truth is realized.

At this point there is the offering to the twenty-one Taras and all enlightened beings. We'll see these in the text, where we visualize the white syllable OM arising from emptiness as we've just recited on page 39 of the text, the Offering of the Torma. We have two Mantras, the second one establishing the realization of emptiness. From that emptiness, there arises the white syllable OM. This appears in a mighty jeweled vessel. This is a great vase made of purified gold, silver, and jewels, large enough to contain the entire material universe, but filled with all of the precious, divine ornaments which are then offered to, principally, Green Tara and the twenty-one Taras, and also to all enlightened beings. So, offering is made. Then,

From these three syllables tormas appear. Tormas are offering cakes made of all of the most pure and perfect foods, with all of the most perfect flavors. This is the food of the divine beings, and these are offered individually to all of the twenty-one Taras and the other enlightened beings. This offering is then confirmed, or made real, through the recitation three times of the Mantra

Then repeat three times the offering Mantra

Then repeat three times the offering Mantra of the god realm

Next, on page 41, come the prayers to the lotus lineage, the lotus family, the Buddha Amitaba being the head of the family, the Buddha of all of the Bodhisattvas of the lotus lineage. So these are the prayers, offerings, and the praise of the lotus lineage. So you're making prayers to Amitaba, whose name means "Limitless Light", the head of the Lotus lineage, and all of the other deities within that lineage are being praised and offered to.

After making the praise, the obeisance, the offerings, and so forth, there are the special requests to the lotus family, such as the request for world peace, the request for the happiness of all living beings, the request for the spreading and prosperity of the Dharma in the world, and so forth.

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