Vajrapani.....(Chana Dorje)
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Tantric aspect of the enlightened mind, which transforms the energy of hate into active wisdom and magical perfection. A Bodhisattva-aspect which symbolizes the undestructible vajra-body of a Buddha. In the above form-emanation he stands on a sun-disk surrounded by wisdom flames, adorned with various nagas (serpents), holding a vajra (cepter) in his right and a demon noose in his left. He is an emanation of the water element (Akshobhya Buddha) and can arise in various forms and mandalas. His short mantra is OM VAJRAPANI HUNG PHET and his seed-syllable is the blue-black HUNG. Chana Dorje was a major secret meditation deity of e.g. Lama Yeshe, Geshe Rabten and Gangchen Tulku.
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