The Vajrasattva Purification Practice

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An Introductory Teaching on Vajrasattva Purification by Geshe Dakpa Topgyal

April 19, 2002

| Part 1 (R/A)
| Part 2 (R/A)
| Part 3 (R/A)
| Part 4 (R/A)
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Geshe Dakpa Topgyal's Guided Vajrasattva Purification Practice

April 20, 2002

| Introduction (R/A)
| Prayers and Recollection (R/A)
| Initial Visualization (R/A)
| Mantra Chant: Segment 1 (R/A)
| Mantra Chant: Segment 2 (R/A)
| Mantra Chant: Segment 3 (R/A)
| Dissolution (R/A)

 The 100 Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva

(Exactly as presented in Geshe Topgyal's: A Guide to Daily Vajrasattva Purification Practice and The Practice of the 35 Purification Buddhas - A Sharp Weapon for the Total Elimination of Inner Darkness Caused by the Delusions and Distorted Emotions)

  OM - is the supreme praise or supreme sound.

  OM Banza Sato Samaya: The Vajrasattva Samayas (one who has mad a promise from the beginning of time to help sentient beings purify their negatives and karmic obscurations.)

  Manu Palaya Banza Sato: Grant you protection and reside in me, Vajrasattva.

  Teno Per Thi Kya Dri Dro Mey Bhawa: Remain firm in me and let me recognize my Vajra nature.

  Suto Kyo Yo Mey Bhawa: Make me totally satisfied - by being free from conceptualizations.

  Supo Kyo Yo Mey Bhawa: Increase the positive energy within me - through non-dual bliss and emptiness.

  Anu Rakto Mey Bhawa: Be loving towards me and let me be compassionate (by being free from attachments and aversions which give rise to many other disturbing defilements.)

  Sawa Siti Mey Tra ya Tsa: Bestow all the accomplishments and spiritual attainments,

  Sawa Kama Sutsa Mey: as well as let all the actions and activities

  Tsi Tam Shri Yam Kuru: of my mind be always viruous.

  Hung: is the essence seed syllable.

  Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha: symbolizes the 4 Immeasurable Attitudes, 4 Empowerments, 4 Joys and the 4 Kayas.

  Hoe: is the sound of joyous laughter in them.

  Bha Gha Wana Sava Tathagata: Bhagavan, all the tathagatas,

  Banza Ma Mey Mun Zha: and Vajrasattva, do not abandon me.

  Bhan Zhi Bhawa: Make me indivisible from

  Maha Samaya Sato: you, great Vajrasattva, the promise keeper.

  Ah: signifies uniting in non-duality.

  Hung: is the essence seed syllable of Vajrasattva.

  Phed: signifies intensifying the positive energy and uniting in a state of non-duality or a state of purity.

Short Version of the Purification Mantra


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