Tibetan Buddhist Temple
of Montreal
Dorje Sempa,
Diamond Mind
the aspect of purity of all the Buddhas

The purification method of Dorje Sempa, Diamond Mind is a tantric practice. Concentrating on this Buddha form and the purifying nectars and light, brings about a very deep change in our body, while reciting the mantras and the identification with Enlightenment transform our speech and mind. Whatever happens to us is a product of our previously created actions of body, speech and mind. Actions in former lives lead us to a particular genetic makeup, to our deepest traits of character, and to birth in a specific place. In order to help us remove the negativity which hasnīt yet ripened, all Buddhas unite their purifying power in the form of Diamond Mind. With this practice, we are given a method for eliminating the results of negative deeds so that we are no longer bound by negativity, and our meditation is effective. Our actions of body, speech and mind become more subtle and positive and create much better conditions for ourselves and others. Maintaining the recognition that Dorje Sempa and our Guru are inseparable and dedicating the positive energy from our practice of Dorje Sempa towards our attainment of Buddhahood, we proceed along the path.
Days of practice, Wednesdays at 7:30pm
April 11, May 16, May 30