VAJRASATTVA PRACTICE -- TIBETAN It is recommended that you receive the actual empowerment for any Tibetan practice you wish to practice. To visualize a sun or moon disc, imagine that it is a disc shaped slice from the center of the moon or sun -- flat like a plate. In all the practices, visualize a white light in the forehead, a red light in the throat and a blue light in the heart. Also imagine the sound Om radiating from the forehead, the sound Ah radiating from the throat and the sound Hung radiating from the heart.
This practice increases the heart energy and clarity of mind. You can do this with a partner of the opposite sex or alone. Visualize love as an abstract and brilliant yet translucent rainbow form filling the space that you are in and surrounded by a blazing fire. In the center of the rainbow form -- which is the center of yourself -- appears a blue light vibrating with the sound HUUUUM that shines light in all directions.
From the center are vibrations the create the elements Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth and a central axis that vibrates the sound BHRUM. All of this transforms into a crystal palace, inside of which appears a throne with a lotus on it and a flat lunar disc on that. On the lunar disc appears a blue light emitting the sound HUM which transforms into a diamond. The diamond emanates light, reabsorbs light and becomes yourself as Vajrasattva -- the male/female deity representing love and universal consciousness.
You as Vajrasattva are radiant like the moon, radiating endless rays of translucent light. In your forehead visualize a white light and the sound OM. In your throat, a red light and the sound AH, and in the heart, a blue light and the sound HUM. All these lights are sending light rays throughout space that call all the enlightened beings to be aware of you, to love you and to come to you. Now a smaller version of the Vajrasattva appears in your heart on a lunar disc. In the heart of that smaller Vajrasattva is a diamond. In the center of which is a blue light singing the sound HUM. Around that is a luminous spiral of the mantra that you are reciting during the visualization. The light from this spiral radiates and sends blessings to all sentient beings. Imagine everyone purified in great bliss. The blessings are then returned and enter the mantra spiral again. Imagine the light going out as you recite the mantra and returning faster than the speed of light between recitations of the mantra. Recite this mantra as many times as you can -- at least 108 times:


Recite the hundred syllable mantra once:
Om bezar satto samai-ya
Manu palaya
Benzar satto teno pa
Te-tra dri-do meh-bhawa
Sutto kai-yo meh-bhawa
Suppo kai-yo meh-bhawa
Anu-rakto meh-bhawa
Sarwa siddhi meh-pra-yetdza
Sarwa-karma sudza-meh
Chittam shiri-yam
Kuru hum
Ha ha ha ha ho
Sarwa tathagata
Benza ma meh mundza
Benzi bhawa mah
Samai-ya satto-ah

At the end recited the say HUM PHE

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