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The Namgyelma (Ushnisha Vijaya) mantras

(Recommendations and Dedications by Ven. Lama Zopa Rinpoche )


You can recite the Namgyelma (Ushnisha Vijaya) mantras twenty-one times, then blow on water, perfume or talcum powder, blessing it with the mantra and then sprinkle that substance over the dead body. The Namgyelma mantra is very powerful for purifying; it is best to recite the long mantra if possible but the short mantra can also be recited.

Short Namgyelma mantras

om drum soha, om amrita ahyur daday soha om ah hung tam hri/ ang ah rakya rakya mam sarwa satam tsa soha

Long Namgyelma mantra

om namo bhagawatay sarwa taylokya parti bishik taya/buddha yatay nama/ tayatha om drum drum drum shodaya shodaya bishodaya bishodaya ahsama samenta/ awabhasa pranagati gagana sabawa bishuday/ abikintsen tumam/sarwa tathagata sugata barabatsana amrita abhikaykara mahamudra mentra paday/ ahara ahara mama ahyu sam darani/ shodaya shodaya bishodaya bishodaya gagana sobawa bishuday/ ushnisha vijaya parishuday sahasa/ remi sentso ditay/ sarwa tathagata ahwalokini katha paramita paripurani/ sarwa tathagata matay dasha bumi partititay/ sarwa tathagata hridaya ahditana ahdititay/ mudray mudray maha mudray bendza kaya samhatana parishuday/ sarwa karma ahwarana bishuday partiniwartaya mama ahyur bishuday/ sarwa tathagata samaya ahditana ahdititay/ om muni muni maha muni/ bimuni bimuni maha bimuni/ mati mati maha mati/ mamati sumati tataya/ batakoti parishuday/ biputa budi shuday/ hay hay dzaya dzaya bidzaya bidzaya/ mara mara para para paraya paraya sarwa buddha ahditana ahdititay/ shuday shuday budday budday bendzay bendzay maha bendzay/ subendzay bendza garba dzaya garbay bidzaya garbay/ bendza dzola garbay/ bendzoebaway bendza sambhaway/ bendza bendzerni/ bendza mabawatu mama shariram/ sarwa sato nentsa kaya pari shudir bawatu/ me sada sarwa gati parishudi tsa/ sarwa tathagata tsa/ mam sama shasayentu/ buddhaya buddhaya siddhaya siddhaya bodaya bodaya bibodaya bibodaya/ motsaya motsaya bimotsaya bimotsaya/ shodaya shodaya bishodaya bishodaya/ samentana motsaya motsaya/ samenta ramipari shuday/ sarwa tathagata hridaya ahditana ahdititay/ muday muday maha muday/ mahamudra menta paday soha.

Dedication prayers

May all the sentient beings who are at a place where the Namgyelma mantra is (for example, in the mountains, in the car, in the house, on the body, inside the banner, in the hospital), or any sentient being who sees, touches, remembers, or talks about the place that has the mantra, may they receive all the benefits of this (Namgyelma) mantra.
May all their negative karmas be purified, may they have long life and from now on may they never be born in the lower realms.
May those who die be reborn immediately in Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land or receive only perfect human rebirths and achieve perfect Enlightenment.
By just being in that place and by having met and correctly devoting to Mahayana virtuous friends, may they be able to find faith in refuge and karma and be able to actualize bodhicitta immediately.

These mantras can also be used for prayer flags and in stupas. If the mantras are written on a cloth and placed on a mountain top, roof or hung where the wind can blow it, whoever is touched by the wind receives blessings and their karma is purified.