Om Tare..Tuttare Ture Mama Ayur Punye Jnyana Pushtim Kuru Ye Svaha


White Tara is the female buddha of long life, and she is incredibly beautiful. She is a mother figure, seated in the posture of the vajra (thunderbolt) above a white moon disc and an open lotus.

White Tara's aura glows, as various coloured rings framed with pink lotus blossoms surround heer.
Her garments are elaborately decorated with ornaments; on her head she wears a sparkling tiara; and she is adorned with beautiful jewelery - a long and a short necklace, as well as various gold and jewel ornaments. Her right hand rests across her knee in the mudra of supreme generosity, while her left hand holds near her heart the stem of a uptala flower, which is blossoming near her left ear. White Tara is always depicted as a peaceful deity.
The easiest way to recognise her is to look for her distinguishing marks: her seven eyes and, of course, her great beauty. There are three eyes on her face (including the one on her forehead) amd one eye on each palm of her hands and feet. It is said that White Tara's seven eyes enable her to clearly "see" all beings in all the realms of existence. Her expression is one of the utmost compassion. Her hand mudras are similar to those of Green Tara but she is seated cross legged rather than in the ready to rise posture of Green Tara.


............You are seated, in the midst of the sky, on a white moon mat, spread on a white lotus throne. You are a young girl, sixteen years old, graceful and very attractive. Your body is made of white light, like sunlight on snow. you are dressed in delightful silks and jewels. your legs are crossed in the full-lotus posture. Looking out from the upturned sole of each foot is a beautiful eye. Your right hand rests on your right knee, turned outwards to give to all beings. In its palm is another eye. Your left hand is held in front of your breast in the mudra of bestowing protection. With it you hold the stem of a spray of white lotus flowers. This hand too has an eye in its palm. You have long sleek black hair, which falls over your shoulders. Your compassionate smile drowns the world in happiness. In your forehead, placed vertically, is a seventh beautiful eye. your body is empty, so that you feel as light as thistledown. you are surrounded by a great aura of white light, in the shape of a full moon. Above your head, your guru, the Buddha Amitabha, sits in deep meditation, pouring love into the sky around him, as a shining ruby gives light. You try to generate the firm conviction that you are White Tara, born from emptiness for the sake of all beings..............

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