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The Lam-Rim Teaching

The Lam-Rim teaching contains eight main topics and teaches the three stages of the path that lead to the full enlightenment of Buddhahood.

The Path of the Small Scope

The root of the path is one's Guru.

(For every practitioner)

1. Seeking and establishing relation with Guru
2. Identifying the optimum rebirth
3. Recalling death and impermanence
4. Thinking about the sufferings of the Three Unfortunate Beings

This teaches the means for happiness in your next rebirth

5. Seeking refuge and ways of taking refuge
6. Developing faith/trust in the law of karma and effect

Depending on these understandings and on reflective meditation, one is able to refrain from all sorts of non-virtuous actions and cultivate all sorts of virtuous actions by adopting a pure and ethically sound way of life.

This is the principle path of the Small Scope.

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The Path of the Medium Scope

Renunciation is the principle path of the Medium Scope and its goal is Liberation/Nirvana from the entire suffering of samsara.

7. Developing thoughts of yearning for Liberation and Ascertaining the nature of the path leading to Liberation

  1. Thinking about the general sufferings of samsara and about its specific sufferings.
  2. Learning on The Four Noble Truths and The Twelve Interdependent Arisings

This is the mode of cutting the very root of suffering which is Ignorance through applying the very profound meditation practice called the union of single pointedness of mind and wisdom for the full realization of selflessness.

This is the principle path of the Medium Scope.

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The Path of the Great Scope

Development of bodhicitta/mind of enlightenment
is the sole gateway to the Mahayana/Great Scope.

8. Developing the Bodhicitta

  1. What one should carry on in one's practice after developing Bodhicitta:
  2. Training in the 6 perfections of wisdom in order to ripen one's mind stream
  3. Training in the 4 ways of gathering disciples in order to ripen the mind stream of others

The union practice on the last two perfections of wisdom: single-pointedness and special insight, conjoined with the force of the first four perfections directed by the force of love and compassion can only bring energy for the attainment of Enlightenment of Buddhahood through the elimination of tendencies of Ignorance.

This is the principle path of the Great Scope.

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