Lines of Experience

Lam-Rim Bsdus-Don

The Main Aspects of the Practice
of the Stages on the Graded Path to Enlightenment
By rJe Tzong-kha-pa


Note from the Publisher

Verse 1: Obeisance to Gautama Buddha

Verse 2: Obeisance to Maitreya and Manjusri

Verse 3: Obeisance to Nagarjuna and Asanga

Verse 4: Obeisance to Atisa

Verse 5: Obeisance to rJe Tzong-kha-pa's Gurus

Verse 6: In Praise of the Entire Lineage

Verse 7: Benefits of Studying Atisa's "Bodhipathapradipa"

        ("A Lamp for the Enlightenment Path")

Verse 8: Importance of Studying the "Lam-rim"

Verse 9: Guru-Devotion

Verse 10: The Fully-Endowed Human Form

Verse 11: Taking Refuge and the Law of Cause and Effect

Verse 12: Collecting and Cleansing

Verse 13: The First Two Noble Truths and Renunciation

Verse 14: The Bodhicitta Motivation

Verse 15: The Perfection of Generosity

Verse 16: The Perfection of Moral Self-Control

Verse 17: The Perfection of Patience

Verse 18: The Perfection of Enthusiastic Perseverance

Verse 19: The Perfection of Meditative Concentration

Verse 20: The Perfection of Wisdom

Verse 21: Mental Quiescence and Penetrative Insight Combined (1)

Verse 22: Mental Quiescence and Penetrative Insight Combined (2)

Verse 23: The Union of Skilful and Effective Means with Wisdom

Verse 24: Entering the Tantric Path

Verse 25: Dedication


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