Heart Advice on the Dawning of Awareness

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

It appears as though we have a strange karmic connection. Without making any plans, a very humble beggar yogi like me, Tharchin, came from another part of the world called Tibet. The winds of karma blew me here and my karmic glue has kept me here. My teacher has told me to stay here and serve beings. So now with pure motivation, I want to give what is left of my life to establishing buddhadharma in the west. This is my gift to you. Since it is not material, it will last forever, until you attain buddhahood and your enlightened buddha essence benefits countless suffering beings.

Right now it is time to wake up! Most beings experience nothing other than the heavy habit of materialism. They can even be materialistic about spirituality, grasping at it and making it into a solid object.  Because they are continuously involved in a materialistic point of view, their only concern is for themselves or those close to them. Their limited viewpoints come from a lack of wisdom and compassion. If we do not have compassion, then we are concerned only with our own welfare, and if we have that kind of limited viewpoint, then we have no wisdom. If this is the case, when this life ends, what will we have? We will have lived our lives for nothing. A complete waste! That is why now is the only time to wake up! The wisdom teachings of the buddhadharma can show you how and you will begin to see the many qualities and capacities that you have at your disposal. The problem is that you don't know what you have and so you lack confidence.

Inconceivable wisdom qualities and enlightened essence exist within your being right now. From the beginningless beginning of your existence, you have never been separate from enlightened essence. Now is the time to find this treasure which lies within your heart. Your chance is now and it always be now. It is never lost in the past or to be gained in the future. It is always to be found now.

In the eighth century, Buddhism was transmitted from India to Tibet and gradually it has moved to the West. This is a golden moment in time. You are extremely fortunate. Right now, without any hesitation, remove the heavy mental suffering of conditioned existence and aim for the enlightened state. Your turn has come to light and carry the wisdom torch through practicing compassion and wisdom.

The practice of compassion and wisdom doesn't have any form. It is related to motivation. If your motivation is pure, everything is pure. Whatever motivation of you have, that is the result you will see.  In our practice text, it says " I'm going to benefit all beings until suffering and conditioned existence is emptied." That is an example of the vastness we should be aiming for. If you have such a vast and impartial motivation, no matter what you do in life, you will plant the seeds of wisdom, compassion and knowledge in your own mind and that of others. The final results is inconceivable to us right now but we can say that we will continue to grow until all beings find release from suffering and lasting peace.

Right now we have the capacity to recognize our enlightened essence. We should keep your motivation vast and pure. Remember also that the Vajrayana point of view doesn't uphold any differences between meditating and daily life, but rather based on your motivation, everything is spiritual practice and anything can benefit all beings.


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