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A Chanting Guide

Pali Passages with English Translations

Copyright © 1994 The Dhammayut Order in the United States of America

Inquiries concerning this book may be addressed to:
The Secretary
The Dhammayut Order in the United States of America
c/o The Buddhist Temple of America
5615 Howard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91762 USA

For free distribution only.
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Otherwise, all rights reserved.

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The numbers in parenthesis refer to the page numbers in the 1994 printed edition.

A Note About This HTML Edition [go to top]

In this transcription of A Chanting Guide, Pali diacritical marks are represented using plain ASCII characters according to a convention widely used on the Internet by Pali students and scholars. Long vowels (those usually typeset with a bar above them) are doubled: aa ii uu. For consonants, the diacritic mark precedes the letter it affects. Thus, the retroflex (cerebral) consonants (usually typeset with a dot underneath) are: .r .t .th .d .dh .n .m .s .l . The guttural nasals (m or n with a dot above) are represented by "m and "n . The palatal nasal is represented here as ñ.


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